Monday, June 17, 2013

"Summer Neon" Plaid Nail Art & How-To!

Bonjour mes belles! It's Mani-Monday and I'm excited to present today's fun, summery, hand-painted nail art & tutorial. This nail design is super easy to replicate -- all you need is a few nail polishes, plus a bit confidence -- and this plaid neon number is yours! Shall we?!

Read more for details & how-to!

Neon Plaid for Summer

You'll need the following Nail Polishes & Tools:
  1. Nail File, Clippers, Scissors, etc.
  2. Base Coat
  3. Neutral Base Color
  4. Bright or Neon Color of your choice
  5. Dark or Black Color
  6. Fine Nail Art Brush
  7. Top Coat:
  8. Acetone & piece of aluminum foil 

Plaid Nail Art Pictorial-Tutorial aka Step-by-Step How-To:
  1. Clip your nails and file them to a square or "squoval" (square / oval) shape. I find that stripes, plaids and other line patterns look best on shorter, squared nails.
  2. Apply your base coat and follow with 1-2 coats of your neutral polish. OCC's Kava Kava is pretty opaque, so I only applied 1 coat.
  3. Use your bright polish and paint a thick vertical stripe, keeping it slightly off-center. Allow the polishes to dry thoroughly after this step.
  4. Add a few drops of your dark polish to a piece of aluminum foil and mix with 1 drop of acetone to thin the paint.
  5. Use a fine nail art brush or lining brush to paint two thin vertical stripes surrounding the pink strip. Add a second thin line alongside the stripe with more room. Repeat the step horizontally to complete the plaid pattern.
    • Beginner Tip: Use striping tape to tape off the area for the stripes or simply use it instead of polish to create perfect crisp lines.
  6. Finish with top coat. 

Happy Mani-Monday!!


Maryam Maquillage


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