Thursday, July 3, 2014

Makeup 101: Cat Eye & Brows

Hey my beauties! Today, I'm keeping it simple focusing on the basics or the 101's of makeup application: cat eye liner and brows. These are some of my most requested topics and tutorials, so let's jump on it and learn how it's done, shall we?

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Eyebrows 101
1. LINE: Using Lancome Le Poudre in Brunet, draw a straight line at the roots of the brow, connecting the inner portion of the brow to the brow arch.
2. TAIL: Fill in the tail end of the brow and extend as needed. 
3. FILL IN: Using short light strokes, fill in any sparse areas within the brow.
4. BLEND: Brush out and blend the product using the spoolie end of the pencil.
5. CLEAN UP: Create a clean sharp edge under the brow using Lancome Pro Corrector and blend the product with a brush. This will clean up any stray hairs or imperfections and add brightness to the brow bone.

What's your cat eye Flavor?
1. Sleek Cat Eye
  • Place the Artliner wand on top of the roots of the lashes and glide across from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Thicken the liner gradually at the outer third and add an extended wing following the angle of the lower lash line. Great for any eye shape.

2. Sultry Cat Eye
  • Fuller, thicker version of the Sleek Cat eye. Great for accentuating Asian eyes or smaller eyes. Line the top lash line from the inner to the outer corner of the eye keeping the width the same throughout and tapering only at the inner corner.

3. Double-Winged Liner
  • Paint a sleek cat eye across the top lash line and wing it out. Draw a second wing directly underneath to give the look a graphic, exotic feel.

4. Modern Crease Liner
  • Line the top lash line, gradually thickening the liner at the outer corner.  Add an extended wing and draw a flick directly in the outer crease, starting from the outer point of the wing.
I'm going for a sleek cat eye in a wash of golden shadows, complemented by voluminous lashes and peach lips. 

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Dress: Nasty Gal
Shoes: Asos
Necklace: Luciano Glam
Happy Makeup-ing and Happy Fourth!!!



Maryam Maquillage

Photos by: Lee World (merci!)


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