Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Sun Always Rises

Hi guys, today's makeup post is symbolic and optimistic, dedicated to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy, including my family: my father, his wife, and my 5-year-old brother and sister who have lost their home and belongings to this horrible disaster. Although their situation is extremely tough and emotionally overwhelming, we are staying hopeful and positive, thanks to all the incredible support we've received from friends, family, volunteers and even selfless strangers. After the storm, the sun always rises, and we are looking forward to a brighter future! 

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Today's colorful eye look was created using Lime Crime's newest Alchemy Palette, which arrived at my door a few days ago. My siblings were staying with me at the time, so my sister Hanifa and I indulged in a lot of swatching and makeup play-time. In the Alchemy collection, there are two new opaque lipsticks, mystical green Serpentina and magical purple Poisonberry. Hani was totally obsessed with Poisonberry and almost didn't give it back to me, but we settled on a fair trade: 2 cherry chapsticks for my Poisonberry lipstick :) Here are the swatches:
In an effort to showcase the truest shades of the lipsticks, I took the photos in daylight, in front of a window, and used flash to photograph Serpentina (right). No flash was used in the photo of Poisonberry (left).

Poisonberry -- is described as a berry purple with a violet glow. The color of the lipstick is similar to MAC Violetta, but darker and more intense. I am a big fan of Violetta, but I like Poisonberry even more. It's just got that oopmh -- my 5-year-old sister was obsessed with it for a good reason!

Serpentina -- is described as a dark forest green poison ivy lipstick with a snake-like sheen. This description is right on the money and I couldn't agree more. I've never seen this shade of lipstick before, so if you're a makeup junkie like me, this emerald baby belongs in your stash!

"The collection is inspired by the swirling transmutations of an Alchemist's potion making it a powerful addition to any practitioner's repertoire of charms" -- Lime Crime
The Alchemy Palette is mystical, magical and maaarvelous, dahling... I'm always impressed with Lime Crime's color choices, as they are truly unique and conceptual. This palette includes five shimmery and duochrome shades that shift colors depending on the angle.

  • Eyeshadows:
    • Incantation -- center lid "sun" -- metallic copper with fiery sparks (shimmer)
    • Lucky Charm -- lower lash line -- forest-green / firefly-green shift (shimmer)
    • Love Potion #9 -- outer / inner corner --  purple / mint shift (shimmer)
    • Spellbound -- brow bone -- white / gold shift (shimmer)
    • Divination -- crease "sky" -- slate blue / peacock shift (shimmer)
  • Uniliners:
    • 6th Element -- center lid & "sun rays" -- orange
    • Rhyme -- top lash line, inner corner, "sun rays" -- gold
    • Orchidaceous -- inner and outer corner -- lavender purple
    • Lazuli -- outer corner -- bright blue
    • Quill -- outer corner -- shiny black
  • False Lashes:
    • Red Cherry Lashes #102 -- These glamorous 100% human hair lashes are a perfect addition to this makeup art and play up the sun rays beautifully. I love the fullness of the lash and the flexibility of the band -- this combination isn't easy to find in affordable lashes, as it tends to raise their value significantly. For that reason, I love Red Cherry lashes -- not only are they great quality, but they are also super affordable. Get this pair and many more for just under $2 from my newest lash supplier!
I hope you enjoyed this eye makeup art and the products featured in this post. The makeup companies I work with have been tremendously supportive of Hurricane Sandy victims and many have offered to donate a percentage of their sales to various organizations and relief funds. Please support their efforts and help those who are now in need. 

If you would like to directly help a family who has lost everything to Hurricane Sandy, click here for more information. We Thank You.

After every storm, the sun always rises and we too shall rise just like the sun.

Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.
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