Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mary From the Block

Yo yo yo chicas & chicos!!! Today's look is bright, fresh and funky; featuring more of my IMATS goodies and built around one awesomely awesome OCC lip tar. Inspired by Narcissus, a punchy blue-based lavender-pink lip tar, I created a look with blingin' glittah eyez and a long super shiny pony-tail, perfect for any Urban Barbie.

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Narcissus Narcissist!
Can you tell that I'm slightly obsessed with OCC Narcissus lip tar? To me, this medium pink-lavender lippie is the perfect pink for medium, tan, and olive skin tones. I personally hate the chalky look of lighter pink lipsticks on darker skin tones (think Nicki Minaj), so I'm always very nervous when picking these tricky shades (which also tend to yellow the appearance of teeth). OCC Narcissus does no such thing. On the contrary, it brightens the teeth and works really well with my coloring (and probably a lot of others). I'm obsessively compulsively obsessed!!


Other Products (not pictured)

Candy-coated rainbow graffiti glitter eyes!!
*keep in mind, glitter is very hard to photograph, so these pictures don't do justice to the real-life bling factor of these liners :)
GLITTER EYES HOW-TO: This is a popular request, and I'm finally sharing my "secret" :)))
  1. Prime your eyes with primer potion.
  2. Apply three shimmery eyeshadows on top of your lid to create a gradient. I chose the colors to match my NYX glitter liners: Lime Green, Aqua Teal and Lavender Purple. Use patting motions to apply the shadow and short swiping strokes to blend the transitions. For Asian Eyes: apply the shadows slightly above your "crease" or half way to your eyebrow.
  3. Use a matte neutral shade (UD Naked) to define your crease and blend out the edge of the colorful shadows.
  4. Line the top lash line with a black liner to define the eye and provide a base for the false lashes. Optional: extend the inner corner for even more edge.
  5. Apply the glitter liners on top of their respective shadows and layer them on top of one another at the transitions to better blend the colors. Wait at least 30 seconds for the liners to dry (keep your eyes closed if you can).
  6. Line the waterline with a white pencil to help the eyes pop and apply the falsies.

The RESULT: bright, glittery, popping summa-time winkers ;)))

My PONY!!!
This tie-in Pony Tail is longer and bigger-than-life and is the perfect completion to my "Mary from the block" alter-ego. To create this super easy hair style, I gathered the hair below my crown into a ponytail and secured it with a strong elastic. Next, I clipped in the pony-tail extension and tied the ribbons around the base of my ponytail. To hide the ribbons and the transition where my hair meets the extension, I gathered my bangs and the hair on top of my crown, slicked it back and wrapped the ends around the base of the extension. I used bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Voila!

Length: 65 cm / 25.5 in (approx. waist length)

Color: 2T33

Price: $14.01

Where to Buy:

Verdict: As with most KKcenterHK wigs, this synthetic ponytail extension is great quality and does not shed at all. I particularly love the ribbon attachment and small grip, which makes this piece more versatile than a clip-in ponytail. This extension is great for costumes, but may be a bit too shiny for everyday wear. Although, I would prefer more natural looking extensions for personal use, this piece is not a one trick pony and can be blended with your own hair for a more wearable look. Stay tuned for future posts with tutorials :))

SPECIAL: Use my exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the KKcenterHK website :)) This coupon ends Dec. 31, 2013, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link above. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))

I may not have all the rocks just yet...
 but I'm still, I'm still...

Mary from the Block :))


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