Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bronzed and Dinair-Brushed!

Bonjour mes belles et mes beaus!! I'm back with yet another exciting discovery to share! You may remember my lengthy Dinair airbrush foundation & system review post and today, I'm presenting an entire makeup look using solely Dinair*. Everything in the photo above has been perfected using the airbrush system and makeup -- I've air-tanned, air-blushed, air-contoured, air-lined and airbrushed everything from my chest to my forehead!! 

Read more to find out how I did it!

Glamour, Shimmer, Airtan

1. Airtan: I used about 8 drops of Dinair Airtan in Dark to spray my entire face, neck and chest area. This airbrush self tanner does not show immediate results, but rather builds gradually over time. The photos in this post were taken one day after I spray-tanned. Two days after the Airtan, I noticed a significant difference and was eager to wear less clothes to show off my newly acquired tan :))

2. Complexion: To create a flawless sun-kissed glow, I mixed one drop of Light Bronze with my custom mix of Honey Beige and Dark Golden Beige (equal parts) and sprayed the foundation evenly all over my face. The 1/10 shimmer of Light Bronze is very subtle, resulting in a dewy, glowing canvas. Next, I sprayed Peach Pink on to the apples of my cheeks and followed by contouring with Bronze Rose. I finished off the skin with one drop of Gold shimmer down the bridge of my nose and the tops of my cheekbones.

3. Lips: I airbrushed my lips with the remaining drop of Peach Pink (my blush color) and contoured the lips with the remainder of Bronze Rose. To maximize the use of colors and to avoid wasting them, I did the lips, cheeks and eyes at the same time. I also added a pinch of Barely Pink to the center of my bottom lip to give it some shimmer. I finished the lips with a spray of Moist & Dewy to keep them... well, moist and dewy :))

Eyes: To begin my smokey cat eye look, I sprayed the remainder of Peach Pink onto my lid, staying under the crease. I followed by defining the crease with Bronze Rose, spraying the colors about 1-2 inches away from my eye. Using a Dinair brow template as an eye shield, I created a sharp edge at the outer corner up to the brow by spraying Light Bronze as a blending color. I also used it to define my eye with Jet Black eyeliner color. Placing the brow template / eye shield right above my lashes, I sprayed directly onto the shield to create a sharp edge at the bottom and a diffused smokey edge at the top of the eyeliner. I love this technique so much that I decided to extend the line some more. To finish off the look, I sprayed some Barely Pink to the inner corner of my eye and some Gold directly under my eyebrow to create a highlight. My next step was to clean the airbrush, but before I did, I decided to line the top lash line with a q-tip that I used to clean the makeup cup after Gold. Talk about not wasting a single drop!!

Eyebrows & Lashes: I used the brow template and the remainder of Jet Black in my makeup cup to fill in my brows and lashes. Although the widest template didn't exactly fit my thicker eyebrows, I moved it around to create my perfect shape. Since Jet Black is too harsh as an eyebrow color, I sprayed about four inches away to diffuse the color. I think I got away with it, because my natural eyebrows are indeed black.

And here's the finished maquillage. Can you believe the whole look was completed using only one tool? Yup, that's why I'm addicted to my Dinair Airbrush System. Check out my original review of the Dinair System and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be one step closer to being flawlessly Dinair-brushed!

*This product was sent for my consideration and review. I was not compensated for this review and the information stated is 100% my own, uninfluenced and unbiased opinion. I am not affiliated with Dinair. 


Maryam Maquillage


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