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Bonjour mes belles et mes beaus!! It's me, Maryam, reincarnated into a futuristic emo version of Queen Marie-Antoinette inspired by Lime Crime's latest creation: Palette d'Antoinette!! Since this look pretty much speaks for itself; I, without further ado, present to you my concept of the day complete with reviews, tips, and tricks for all you makeup lovers and enthusiasts! 

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Isn't she a beauty?
The Almighty Palette d'Antoinette & Eyeshadow Helper sample by Lime Crime*:
  • Royal Flush -- pretty pastel pink (matte finish) -- used in the inner corner, lower lash line & in the crease of the eye as a transition shadow
  • Absinthe-Minded -- light pistachio green (matte finish) -- saved for my next Lime Crime inspiration
  • Macarooned -- perfect peach (matte finish) -- used as a highlight under the brow
  • Ribbonesque -- pastel lavender (matte finish) -- used in the outer "v" of the eye and on the eyebrows
  • Mercurious -- metallic silver (shimmery sparkle finish) -- used on the lid and lower lash line

With colors so wearable and perfect for the summer, I simply couldn't allow myself to go with a pretty makeup look as my first Palette d'Antoinette inspiration. What I love about Lime Crime is that the brand encourages its followers to step outside of the norm and embrace the beauty of individuality and artistry. After all, we're all unicorns on the inside, so why not relinquish it for a day or two?!
To create this untraditional eye look, I applied the colors in the opposite way that I "normally" would... i. e. brighter color in the highlight, paler color in the crease and for the first time ever, I colored my eyebrows. dot... dot... dot... 

In the process, I've made a few discoveries... follow along :)))

HOW-TO get COLORFUL eyebrows if you have THICK, DENSE and/or DARK eyebrows:
  1. Start by brushing your eyebrows upward and following the natural growth of the hairs. Take a greasy base like a concealer or NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk (my choice) and apply it heavily all over your brows.
  2. Blend the base into the hair and skin under the brows using your finger. The greasy consistency will help the unruly hairs stick together.
  3. Take a q-tip and clean up the area around your eyebrows, making them uniform and sharp.
  4. Take your eyeshadow of choice (I used Ribbonesque) on a flat shader brush and begin by patting the color onto the sticky base. Fill in any gaps with a smaller brush and extend your brows using the same shadow.
For my two-toned lippies, I used none other than:
Other Products Used:

Length: approx. waist-length

Color: Lavender / Purple

Price: $37.53

Where to Buy:

10% OFF Coupon Code: MARYAM -- good for any merchandise from the KKcenterHK website. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout.

Description: Fun, flirty, lavender costume wig -- perfect for unicorns, Antoinettes and beyond. Need I say more? :)))

creepy photo LeeLee couldn't resist taking... 
Why? -- Cuz not everything has to be pretty all the time -- he said
I concur :))


Maryam Maquillage


Photo Credits: Le Var (merci!!!)

*The products featured in this post were sent for my consideration and review. I was not compensated for this review and the information stated is 100% my own, uninfluenced and unbiased opinion. 

Maryam Maquillage © 2012.
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