Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pink on Pink a la Emma

Bonjour mes belles!! As you can see from the preview pic above, my maquillage du jour is inspired by none other than red carpet starlet Emma Stone. Emma was one of my favorite ladies at Sunday's Oscars and I couldn't help but recreate her pretty makeup look. I brightened up the eyes and lips to better suit my coloring and I aimed my look for daytime wear.

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Emma--Pretty in Fuchsia!
I loved Emma's monochrome ensemble, she was pink & pretty and such a delight to gaze upon. Her makeup artist used varying degrees of the shade on her lids, lips and cheeks to create a lovely flush of color to go with her gorgeous gown.

Pink--my second favorite color after yellow--is so much fun to wear! Not only does it look good on most skin tones, it is also very flattering and has a youthening effect. Pink makeup is no different: whether you have big blue eyes like Emma or small brownies like me, you too can pull off pink eyeshadow--it's universal!
An all-over eyeshadow look like this one is best best suited for Asian shaped eyes or eyes with hooded lids like Emma Stone's. Given our flat eyes and limited lid space, we can get away with wearing bright pink all over, meaning from the lashes to the brows. If you have sunken eyes, large lids or if your brow bone casts a shadow over your eye, you can try wearing pink on your lid only (blending it out with a neutral shade) or as a crease color over a lighter pink on the lid area. 

TIP: To avoid looking all cried out, ALWAYS pair your pink eyeshadow with sharp liner. In this case, I imitated Emma's exaggerated cat eye winged liner look.

TIP: To enlarge the eyes, line the waterline with a nude liner pencil (white is too harsh and black has a minimizing effect)

ON MY LIPS:Revlon superlustrous lipstick in Temptress


What do you think about monochrome makeup? Yay or Nay?

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