Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chinese (Secret) Garden

Ni-hao friends :)) Spring has officially sprung, and although it is now much cooler in NY than it was about a week ago, every aspect of life seems to be blooming and flourishing. With spring colors so fresh, one doesn't need to go far in search of inspiration and I found mine right outside of my home.

Read on for pix, tips, deets!

(: Blossoming Eye Buds :)
My inspiration for the eye look above came from the glorious Magnolia (?) tree right outside of my building (pic below). This tree blooms every April-May, blessing me and my neighbors with so many smiles and good vibes. This year, the giant lily looking flowers sprouted about a month early, but I'm not surprised considering the non-existent winter we had in New York. I'm just hoping that Mother Nature doesn't punish us with the same vigor as she has been blessing us with... we haven't been too kind to her :/ but I won't get into that...

Just look at those juicy petals, isn't she a beauty, this tree? Anyone knows her name?

More like baby showers than April showers if you get my drift... ;p
The Look: Secret Garden meets Chinese Calendar Girl :)) The skin is pale, but dewy; the makeup is soft, but vibrant; the hair is traditional, but asymmetrical. This look is ready-to-wear and versatile: dress is down with jeans & t-shirt for a pretty, casual daytime ensemble or play it up paired with your favorite little black dress for an unexpectedly fresh "Japonesque" evening look.

On my EYES, I'm wearing:

On my FACE:

On my LIPS:

HAIR: To get this easy side bun hair style, I simply brushed my hair to the side and secured it in a low ponytail using a large clip. Next, I gathered my hair and twisted it loosely around the clip to give it some body. I pinned the ends under the bun using bobby pins and pulled out some strands from the center of the bun to disguise the clip. 

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Maryam Maquillage

Photos: Le Var (merci!)

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