Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Tribute to Missoni


No need to explain my nails of the week, they're pretty self explanatory :)) With the help of a few nail polishes and nail art pens, the famous Missoni zigzag stripes have made their way onto my nails!! I love creating my own nailart and this week I was inspired by a few pieces I got from the Missoni for Target collection ;)) Better late than never!!
Read more to see pix of my Missoni :)))

I'm not a big designer junkie nor would I ever skip sleep to line up outside of a store for an exclusive collection launch. Having said that, "I love a good bargain" just like anybody else and I was absolutely thrilled to find out that Missoni was doing a collection for Target. So, not only do I love Target and shop there practically every day, Missoni is one of very few luxury brands that I lust after. I respect Missoni as a brand, I love its history and family tradition; not to mention, I find their signature zigzag textiles simply genius!! 
On the day of the launch, my mom picked me up a pair of suede wooden heel shoes as seen on one of the Missoni heirs in the above left picture. I was so excited and content that I didn't even care to go to Target myself... I knew that the collection would be sold out on the day it launched so I was happy with what my mama got me :)) My bf and I went later that day only to discover a sad Missoni rack filled with Mossimo clothes (a permanent Target line). Turns out that every Target in the New York area was sold out within two hours of the store's opening and the craze even caused the Target website to crash. What a freaking success!!!
Last week, while visiting family in Pennsylvania, my bf and I stumbled into a local Target and surprisingly found a few Missoni things still left on the rack! He got himself a lovely tie and I snatched up a cute sweater mini-skirt (as seen in the first pic). As much as I would've loved to dress up my home in bold zigzags, this stuff was nowhere to be found, but with a skirt and shoes I was more than satisfied and can now say that my Missoni life is complete haha :)))
Now, onto my nails!!!

To create this nail design, I swiped a few horizontal lines across my nail beds and waited for them to dry.  Then, I took my Sally Hansen nail art pens in gold and black and drew the zigzags across the parts where the colors met to hide the straight lines. I won't lie and say this was easy, especially painting with my left hand on my right , but if you've got an artist in you, your skills will definitely help you out a lot. 
Sure, I made some mistakes and my nail polish ran here and there, but for the most part, I'm proud of this nailart and am really excited to share it with you :))) Here's the rest of me in my very own ad--Maryam Maquillage for Missoni 4 Target!!
Death by Missoni
What's your take on designer clothes (duds), Missoni, nail art or any of the aforementioned?

Ciao bellas!!

Maryam Maquillage

Photo Credits: Le Var & Google Images for the ads


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