Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Party Tyme!!!

Salut mes amis!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ::singing:: Happy Birthday Dear Bloggy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Now blow out your 1 candle and wish for many more to come :))

Today, January 10th, marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog, 'Fix Your Face' by Maryam Maquillage!!! As much as I am proud of my baby, I'm mostly really grateful to all of you, my readers, for the overwhelming amount of love you've given me and my blog. Your continued support fuels my drive to deliver post after post, and I promise to keep going, keep bettering, and keep serving near-daily doses of maquillage posts, nail art and other beauty related topics.

My post for the day is a long one, so brace yourself, I've got a lot to cover... As mentioned earlier, I'm introducing a new topic for 2012--HAIR and everything that relates to it--so today's post is a kick-off :)) I'll be reviewing a set of extensions (oo-la-laa) and giving a quick tutorial on how to achieve the BIG, bouncy curls. In addition, I'm including a fun going-out makeup look, paying homage to the Look That Inspired the Blog (my very first blog post) with one party-perfect Schiap lipstick, you know the one... cuz it is a celebration after all, y'all :))
 Read more for details, how-to's, pix, products, links, etc.

 My Rapunzel look
Jumping right into my HAIR topic, did anyone notice the sudden change in my hair length? No, it's not miracle grow, it's simply a hair piece sent to me for review by my friends at KKcenterHK, an online beauty supply store specializing in hair, lashes, and other cool beauty products. Being quite honest, this is the first time I've ever worn extensions, so I'm beyond excited and tickled by the results. I mean really...
PRODUCT: 9.5" Wide, 21" Long Curly Clip-in Hair Wig Extension in color 2T30 (light brown)
DESCRIPTION: A synthetic single piece 4 clip extension with 8 rows of tracks (wefts)
COLOR: Light brown with a gradient, ombre or highlight auburn effect (available in 3 colors)
PRICE: $5.06

SPECIAL: Use my exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the KKcenterHK website :)) This coupon ends February 28, 2012, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link above. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))

MY THOUGHTS: For the price of $5, I can't think of an item that has influenced and altered my perception of hair styling as much as this product has. In less than 1 minute, I went from having boring, limp, brown hair of average mid-back length to waist length luscious locks with a funky gradient effect!! The transformation was immediate and dramatic, and I seriously could not stop staring and taking pictures of myself haha (hence the long post). The 4 clips proved to be quite sturdy and kept the piece in place--Rockstar hair tossing tested :)

BIG, Bouncy, Messy Rockstar Curls How-To:

I curled my hair prior to clipping in the extension, (but not before spraying my Tresemmé heat protectant spray) and used a 1-1/4 inch barrel curling iron from Hot Tools. As you can see, the curls aren't perfect or neat, I actually did a pretty crude job, curling some strands to the left, others to the right, under the clip, over the clip, and really quite all over the place. I'm not an expert at hair, but one thing I know for sure is that I'm long past the quinceañera age for the perfect curls, so I like to keep mine kinda funky: slept-in, if you will. 

To clip in the extension properly, I used a rat tail comb to part a straight line across my head, starting at the top of my ears, then pinning the extension into the roots of my hair right below the part. 

Tools & Products Used:

You want the Kardashian's hair? This is how you get it and no other way :)

On to the PARTY MAKEUP!!

    STARRING: Nars semi-matte lipstick in Schiap -- as the Party lipstick of all time.
      • "I hate to say it...but Schiap is definitely a nouveau cult Lipstick, love" -- @NARSissist  
      • "Shocking Pink" I adore you
      • Click on the pic to get yours now!


          STARRING: Maryam Maquillage & my new hair extensions
            • in "Fix Your Face" and turn that frown upside down :))
          TIP: Tight lining or rimming the top and bottom waterlines makes dark eyes like mine appear lighter
          Adding bright lipstick to dark makeup and outfit gives this look a necessary POP
          My Schiap Kissy Face

          Duplicate this look with these few essential products:


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