Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Plain Jane to Mary Jane :)

Salut les filles!! Today's post is a popularly requested how-to, showing my easy day-to-night makeup transformation. If you are heading straight to happy hour after work and need a quick beauty boost, keep reading to find out what you'll need to go from office appropriate "Plain Jane" to party mode "Maryam Jane" in less than 5 minutes!! P. S. No pun intended with the title :))

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To get my Plain Jane look, here's everything I used at home:

I would hardly call this a "look", but this is what I wore on a drizzly Monday morning... My eyes are always puffy and swollen whenever I wake up earlier than usual, so my way of bringing them back to life is to use the "Asian cat eye liner" method. The difference between the classic cat eye and the Asian cat eye is that the classic style cat eye gradually thickens from the center of the eye, whereas the Asian liner is thick throughout the entire lash line. Obviously, this style is best suited for Asian shaped eyes or eyes with small lids and I use it mostly to conceal puffiness. I also like this style because it eliminates the need for mascara :)

I used the following products to take my daytime makeup to nighttime. It seems like a lot of products, but really it's just a handful and can fit in any makeup bag :)) 

Voila! Mary Jane look complete!


Maryam Maquillage


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