Monday, January 2, 2012

Happyyy New Year!!!

Happppppppeee New Year old friends and new :))

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life in the new year and I'm so happy to open up a new blog chapter entitled 2012! Thank you to all of my faithful friends & followers, I appreciate your support immensely and can't wait to share more of myself and my ideas with you :)) I have tons of exciting new stuff coming up: I'll be adding hair posts, reviewing new gadgets and beauty products, as well as continuing with my overall makeup and nails theme. This is gonna be a good year and to kick off my beauty blog with a bang, here's my makeup and outfit worn on New Years Eve to a 1979 disco Glitter Ball NYE party!!! (P. S. I'm still recovering)

Happy New Year from me and my green-eyed beauty Zofia!!! <3
Read more for more pix!!

Since the theme for the night was 1979 turn of the decade, I researched my makeup and hair on the net, and found a few inspiration pix. I wanted to go for a glam disco diva look, rather than an all natural 70's hippie look, so I made sure to incorporate glitter, sequins, and shimmer. Finding authentic, quality 70's beauty photos was a tad difficult, so I went with modern day recreations by famous makeup artists. The photos of Nicole Scherzinger and Alexandra Burke were borrowed from Troy Jensen blog and This is London, respectively.
70's Divas: Cher & Pam Grier (both images borrowed from Google)

My 70's remake. Homey background had to be posterized :)
My disco makeup for the night :))
 Eye look with flash
Eye look--no flash
Have a happy & prosperous New Year everyone!!!

With love,

Maryam Maquillage



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