Monday, October 15, 2012

Cut-Crease Pastel Rainbows!

Bonjour mes amis!! I'm doing something a little different today and I hope you like it. I'm taking a conceptual cut crease rainbow makeup look and applying it in a way that's more wearable and flattering. This look started out as something totally different (check out my inspiration folder on Pinterest) -- I was initially going for big and bold, but I cut it short because I liked THIS so much. I thought it was perfect for a little daytime drama, so I wore it out to brunch! Voila!

Read more for pix & deets :)

CUT CREASE eye makeup looks the most dramatic on eyes with smaller lids or monolids. Essentially, a cut crease lifts and recreates the natural crease line of the movable lid and emphasizes the curve of the lash line. I love a good cut crease because it gives me so much more lid space to play with than what I normally have and makes my eyes appear much bigger and brighter. The look is also reminiscent of mod 60's makeup, which is some of my favorite!


-- Jordana kajal pencil in White (similar)

To play down a vibrant eyeshadow look, I almost always go for a pale nude lip. MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 is very pale, but edgy and the amplified cream finish of the lipstick makes it easy to wear. I sometimes find that matte and satin finishes of MAC's paler lipsticks are a little too harsh and tend to emphasize imperfections. 

If you're fair: try MAC Lipstick in Myth (also works on light Olive skin tones)
If you're caramel: try OCC lip tar in Kava Kava

Pastel Rainbow Cut Crease How-To:
  1. Prime your lids and allow a few seconds for the primer to set. While you're waiting, you can fill in or re-shape your brows. For this look, I went for a lighter and thinner brow, using NYX eye pencil in Taupe and sealing it with Beige eyeshadow.
  2. Using a Taupe eye pencil, outline the shape of your crease where you want it to apprear, mimicking the natural curve of your top lash line. TIP: Keep your eye open while doing this and start the line a few mm's above your natural crease. If you have monolids, draw the line in the middle of the lid.
  3. Smudge out the line upwards using a short, dense smudge brush and a soft brown eyeshadow. Intensify the line with a darker brown shadow and try not to cross into the "lid" area.
  4. Using a white sticky base on a flat synthetic brush, sharpen the brow bone and bring the color down to meet with the soft brown. Seal the base with an eggshell color eye shadow.
  5. For the rainbow gradient, choose 3-4 matte shades and begin to pat on the color starting at the inner corner. I'm using Royal Flush (pastel pink), Ribbonesque (lavender) and Absinthe-minded (light green) from Lime Crime Palette d'Antoinette; and Parasol (sky blue) from the Chinadoll Palette. These shadows are very pigmented and easy to blend into each other.
  6. Line your top lash line with a black liquid liner (Quill) and extend the outer wing. Line the lower lash line and extend the inner wing. Rim the waterline with a white pencil liner.
  7. Apply big, spiky false lashes to the top lash line and a pair or sparse lower falsies to the lower lash line. This opens up the eye, giving them a doll-like appearance. Add a few colorful individual lashes to the lower lash line to give the look a subtle pop.
So, what do you think -- is this too much or not enough? Would you wear a pastel rainbow cut crease look? If so, where would you wear this to? What's your favorite nude lip combo? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below :)) Let's chat!


Maryam Maquillage


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