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The Modern Witchy

MUA-Ha-Ha!!! Halloween is right around the corner and this year I'm keeping it simple. "The Witch" is my go-to Halloween look and can be interpreted in many ways: she can be ugly, green & wretched; she can be young, cute and bewitching; and she can also be sexy, sly and seductive. My Modern Witch costume is part mystical, part seductive and is super easy to replicate. So, if you're still unsure about your Halloween attire and/or if you didn't really plan anything, the Modern Witch is a great last minute idea and won't break your bank!

Read more to see how it's done!

The Witch Costume: One can certainly go all out and buy a professional costume, but, in my opinion, the Witch is the one character that can probably be best expressed in terms of DIY. All you need is some black clothing, a black pointy hat or a cloak, a broom and some fierce makeup!
The Witch Makeup: The traditional witch uses very few colors, concentrating mostly on the dark features and greenish makeup. The Witch has very sharp, angular features: a pointy nose, slanted eyes, extremely arched eyebrows and jet-black hair. It's important to choose a character that matches your attributes, so if you have well-defined features or olive skin and black hair, you're half way there. P. S. I always go for the witch because I have a pointy nose and black arched eyebrows.

What you'll need / What I used:

Prep the skin by applying a green makeup base all over the face, concentrating on the temples and the frame of the face. This will neutralize the natural redness in the skin giving it a more olive appearance. Follow with your foundation application.
Green Witchy EYES How-to:
  1. Apply the primer and/or green base all over the lid and above the crease and allow a few seconds for it to set.
  2. Starting with the highlight under the brow, outline the skin under the brow with a neutral beige or white eye pencil. Smudge the color with a flat brush.
  3. Using a matte light green eyeshadow on an angled brush, seal the pencil base and bring the color down to meet with the green base primer.
  4. With a stiff dome brush and small circular motions, apply an olive green shadow (UD -- Mildew) to the outer corner and crease, lifting the outer edge in a cat eye style. Apply the shadow under the lower lash line as well. Don't worry about being precise.
  5. Using a flat shader brush, apply a shimmery moss green shadow (BM -- Oz) to the lid using patting motions to avoid fallout.
  6. Sweep a generous amount of shimmery light green (LC -- Seahorse Discourse) on top of the cheekbones, temples, brow bone and inner corner. Dust a bit of this shade over the crease as well.
  7. Line the top lash line with a black liquid liner and extend the wing towards the eyebrow. Outline the inner corner of the eye to give it a sharp, slightly Gothic appearance. 
  8. Optional: Highlight the inner corner and outer wing with gold liner and glitter liner on top. Add falsies and black mascara.
My hair isn't naturally black, so I went for a shiny black wig to match the Dark look of my character.


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Price: $27.79

Description: This synthetic wig is perfect for any costume in need of black hair, and is also great for casual wear. The fibers aren't super shiny, making the wig appear quite real in person. I love the modern style of the cut and the long wavy layers. This awesome wig from KKcenterHK is a favorite of my boyfriend LeeLee, so I guess I'll be wearing it more often hehe... :p

Black Ombré Lips How-to:
  1. Line your lips with a black pencil liner, emphasizing the cupid's bow. Fill in the lips with liner.
  2. Apply black lipstick or NYX jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean all over the lips. Blot once and repeat. Blot again.
  3. Optional: Apply a shiny black or purple lipstick or gloss.
  4. Apply a magenta purple lipgloss to the center of the mouth and bring the color down to the middle of the bottom lip using a lip brush. TIP: In order to show up well, the lipgloss must be very pigmented.

Are you feeling bewitched?

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Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!


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