Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daytime Smokey with Missha & UD Naked 2

Salut mes belles :)) Hope your week is going great and you're looking forward to this month's festivities! October is my biggest month and this year I am busier than ever. In beauty news, I'm working on a lot of various projects, one of which is my transition to YouTube. As a bday gift, my LeeLee surprised me with professional studio equipment, and the packages have been arriving all week in time for my birthday on the 23rd. Creating professional grade videos takes a lot of work and I'm so thankful to my Lee for his support of this venture. He really is the FATHER of my blog, my Mr. Maquillage, and this blog simply would not exist without him!! 

Today's Daytime Smokey makeup look was created on film for a practice YouTube tutorial. I had LeeLee take a few photos while I was filming and took a few of my own after the look was complete. I quite like how it turned out, so I'm sharing it here today!

Read more for pix, tips & deets!

EYES: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette is considered to be the cooler version of the original NAKED palette, with plummy mattes like Tease and shimmery greige shades like Pistol and Suspect. I won't get into a specific comparison of the palettes, (you can read my official review here) but I will say that I prefer the NAKED 2 for the cooler seasons.

To get this Daytime Smokey eye look:
  1. Begin by priming your lids with UD primer potion and allow a few seconds for the primer to set.
  2. Using a fluffy dome shaped brush and windshield wiper motions, apply Tease to your crease or where you want it to appear. [I have hooded, almond-shaped, Asian eyes, so I prefer to concentrate the crease color on the outer portion of the eye]. Clean off the brush and blend out the edges using the same technique.
  3. Taking YDK on a flat eyeshadow brush, pat on the color covering the entire lid, then take Chopper and highlight just the center of the lid to give it more dimension.
  4. With a pointed pencil brush, outline the outer "v" using Busted and line the lower lash line. Blend out the harsh edges with a clean fluffy brush.
  5. Re-emphasize the outer "v" with Blackout -- a matte black -- and blend it out again.
  6. Using Foxy on an angled fluffy brush, highlight the brow bone while cleaning off the edges of the shadows using windshield wiper motions. Highlight the inner corner using Verve and blend it out using your pinky.
  7. Rim the waterline with Whiskey, a smudge-proof brown eye pencil, and sharpen the outer corner of the top lash line using Zero.
  8. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes and finish the look with a pair of voluminous false lashes.
No Daytime Smokey look is complete without a complimentary lip color. For this look, I used Missha 2012 F/W Limited Edition Lip Collection in Sensual Smokey. This collection includes a gorgeous neutral rose beige lipstick and matching gloss, plus a lip palette featuring Missha's most popular lip colors -- all packaged in stunning compacts that will make you want to apply your lippies in public! 
How funny and random is this photo? Makeup makes a big difference, huh...
 Keep glued for more announcements about my YouTube debut!


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