Monday, October 8, 2012

In the White of the Night

Salut mes amis! The month of October just keeps getting better and it's time to reveal another surprise!! My favorite indie makeup brand Lime Crime just came out with two brand new uniliners and sent me a pair to paint and play with!! Today's look is White Nights-inspired featuring Lime Crime's newest addition to the uniliner collection: Rhyme and Reason. I'll let these babies speak for themselves :))

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I'm truly excited to be one of the first bloggers to try these gorgeous liners, especially since I've been on the hunt for great quality silver and gold liners for quite some time. I envisioned doing a bold, yet wearable "White Nights" look for a casual Halloween office party, but since I was unable to find the pigmentation I was looking for, I was about to toss the idea... then suddenly, these stunners arrived in my mailbox! Talk about makeup synchronicity :))

On to the Maquillage!

LIPS: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Golden Ticket

SKIN: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #31

My Inspiration: White Nights

The photos below are from my personal collection and were taken during the White Nights in St. Petersburg, Russia. White nights is the name given in areas of high latitude to the weeks around the summer solstice in June during which sunsets are late, sunrises are early and darkness is never complete. In Saint Petersburg, the Sun does not set until after 10 pm, and the state of twilight lasts all night.
I was lucky to be born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) and though I'm quite used to the White Nights, most tourists are completely fascinated with it, as was my boyfriend Lee Lee when he visited. He is clearly psyched out in the photo above, which was taken around 2 am. During the White Nights, St. Petersburg is at its most beautiful state. Not only is everyone up and about, but they are also celebrating, which makes the city's atmosphere very joyous, festive and romantic.

I wanted to capture the celebratory spirit of the White Nights in my makeup look, and this is what I came up with: twilight sky, shimmery lights and stars to indicate night time.
White Nights Eyes How-To:
  1. Prime the lids and allow a few seconds for the primer to set.
  2. Use a neutral or white pencil liner to outline your crease (or where you want the shadows to start) -- the so-called cut crease.
  3. Using a small flat shader brush, pat on a matte sky blue shadow (Parasol) directly to the outline and above.
  4. Using the same brush and a matte lavender shadow (Ribbonesque) blend the transition of the sky blue by patting on the color to begin the sunset gradient. Use the same technique with a matte pink shadow (Royal Flush) to complete the gradient.
  5. Add a shimmery sea foam green shadow (Atlanteal) to the center of the lid and a bit of the shimmery blue (Nautilus Prime) to the lower lash line.
  6. Stack the liquid liners on the movable lid starting with the bright blue on the crease, then the metallics (any order) and finish with the black to give your eye some definition.
  7. Optional: Add stars, shooting stars and dots to create your twilight sky. Create a gilded brow but swiping a few gold and silver strokes in the direction of hair growth. Finish the look with funky false lashes.
To complete this White Nights-inspired eye look, I added star studded rhinestone half lashes.
 What will Lime Crime come up with next?! Who's ready for the Alchemy collection?


Maryam Maquillage


*The product/s in this post were sent by said company for my use and consideration.

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