Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spanish Rose Nail Art

Hola amigos! Today's vibrant red nails are decorated with graphic roses, retro polka dots, sparkling sequins & lace motifs and are inspired by a photo I took of a local beauty pageant in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This month, I'm celebrating my nail art feature in Cosmo For Latinas and this is my tribute to the beautiful Latin culture and heritage!

Read more to see my inspiration :)

How awesome is this photo?
During my last trip to Puerto Rico, I happened to randomly stumble upon this local town square beauty pageant while roaming the enchanting streets of Old San Juan. The atmosphere was festive and welcoming and I couldn't help but gawk at the beauty in front of me. I remember feeling very inspired, moved and totally engulfed by the moment, wishing I could stay there all day. Unfortunately, I only took one photo -- this one -- before I was swept away by my fellow travelers, but I am so thankful that I have captured this image as a visual reference of this experience. I always go back to this moment whenever I think about Latin beauty and the rich, flavorful culture of the Latino people. This special memory from Puerto Rico will stay with me forever and I'll always access it as my personal reference of the beautiful "Spanish Rose".

On to the nail art!
Products Used:
Please let me know if you want tutorials of any of the individual designs! P. S. I'm collecting ideas and requests for YouTube videos :))


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