Monday, June 13, 2011

small eyes BIGGER ʘ‿ʘ

Bonjour cheries!!!

Hope you're finding yourselves happy and healthy on this gloomy Monday! Sorry for my brief hiatus, I started a new summer schedule and had to implement some different time management strategies. It's all good, I'm back and I've got lots of cool beauty stories to share. I say "cool" because last week has been a sauna up in NYC, and I had to find new ways of wearing makeup while keeping it "cool" in the heat wave. I don't know about you, but as much as I love bright maquillage, there's just no room for it in the summer oven... it all just melts, runs, and leaves me feeling like a sad clown. Don't get me wrong, if I really need my makeup to stay, I'll spray some Fix + and off I go. However, I think you'll all agree that in the summer months, it is better to let our skin breathe instead of clogging the pores with fix sprays and such. So, how do we maximize our features and appearance while steering clear of heavy cosmetic products?

Let's focus on one (or two) features at a time. Today's post is dedicated to the eyes, and I'm going to share with you my makeup trick to creating the appearance of larger eyes without the help of eyeshadows. So, let's make our small eyes BIGGER ʘ‿ʘ yaaayyy!!!
Read on b/c I can't walk around with bulging Betty Boop eyes all day ʘ‿ʘ

  • Gray or brown eyeliner pencil
  • Liquid liner, felt tip liner (easiest) or gel liner with a brush (most staying power)
  • Lash curler
  • Waterproof mascara 
  • Nude liner and dull tweezers (both optional)

LET'S GET STARTED! Here's my naked little eye, freckles and all...

1. Take your eyeliner pencil and rim the entire eye very lightly. If your lashes and eyebrows are black, use a gray pencil, if you have lighter lashes and brows, use brown. This will create a "drop shadow" for the look we're trying to achieve. Line directly underneath and above your lash lines and connect the lines at the corner of the eye. Do not wing out the liner. Optional step: line the waterlines with a nude pencil for an extra pop.

2. Next, take your felt tip liner, liquid liner, or gel liner on a brush and draw a few thin horizontal strokes under your bottom lashes, keeping them the same length as your natural lashes. Try to draw them in areas where your lashes may be sparse and follow the direction of your lashes. Line the top lash line at the root to create fuller lashes on top.

3. Curl your top lashes at the root and add mascara to the tips of the top lashes. Pinch the ends of the lashes with a tweezer (optional) for a doe-eyed look. Apply mascara to the bottom lashes by brushing the wand downward instead of straight out (my lashes grow straight, so adding mascara to the ends weighs them down, making them appear longer).

VOILA!!! The finished look ʘ‿ʘ
Add some lip stuff... or not ʘ‿ʘ
ʘ‿ʘ No eyeshadows, primers or bases! ʘ‿ʘ

Hooray for BIGGER OjOs cuz I was getting tired of my everyday cat eye ʘ‿ʘ


Maryam Maquillage


  1. hi daring thanks for this tip but my lips r ova sized already lol but for fun i will try it!

    hope you been okay? i just love your facial features :)


  2. So gorgeous!
    I have bookmarked this to have a proper look see later (as I'm supposed to be working) ^_^

    You're beautiful, I love this look!
    Definitely going to try it.


  3. Very nice! You are so beautiful... ♥

  4. Awesome madam!!! I'll try and hope it'll work as I sometimes get really lazy o.O
    Thanks a lot!!

  5. Wow it really does make your eyes look bigger! Great look

  6. This is a great post! Perfect for those days where I just don't feel like digging up eyeshadow colors.

  7. great look! we dont have much sun in the UK to worry about the heat though :( x

  8. Such a great tip! And your photos are adorable! So jealous of your SUPER cheekbones! <3

  9. why are you soooo pretty??? love the tips...i have found that bottom lashes really help to make the eyes pop, so showing them off is a great thing


  10. Lovely tutorial! You look so freaking pretty, Maryam!

  11. Great tips! And you look gorgeous as always, hun. =)


    *Check out my giveaway:

  12. You're so pretty. I have to try this because I have really small eyes, it's not even funny.
    strut mode

  13. Pretty! i must try this! I usually line my waterline with a nude pencil, I have to try the other tips

  14. what lovely eyes you have! thanks for the great tips!

  15. Very pretty! I love this technique.

    PS. Can I have your bone structure now?

    Love, someone that pretends-hates you. ;)

  16. thanks for the love y'all!
    @Ailah: exactly what I was thinking :)
    @Vic-Gabrielle: true, but you're in europe, or basically an hour away from anything! :)
    @JC & Widdlesh: my cheekbones are prominent, yes, but they make it impossible to wear shades... plus I have a very small bridge on my nose, so there's virtually nothing for the shades to rest on... I should blog about it lol

  17. Great tips, beautiful! when I look at you, i always think you should be modelling or at least to become a beauty brand ambassador. Always looking so gorgeous!

  18. I really envy your eyes and lashes aaaa >.<
    mine is typical asian eyes, with SHORT lashess, huhuhu
    you know, ur skin is look so hot and healthy~~ :D

  19. pretttyyy!! I really like your big eyes! ^_^

  20. love it soo much..very pretty look!!!

  21. Great tips babe, love it!


  22. Soooo jealous of those cheekbones!!! I have chubby cheeks :(

  23. I will try !!! you are beautiful :)

  24. damn you are BEAUTIFUL!

  25. Very cool look Maryam! I'm gonna try this tomorrow cause I already have my makeup done haha. I have kinda stayed away from black liner lately too because I notice lighter colors enhance my tan ;) haha usually a smokey purple liner or a brown liner!

  26. Hey! Thank for stopping by! Wow i must say, From all the way over here, you skin looks like baby skin! omg you have to show us what you use for your daily skincare routine :) new follower xxxxx

  27. thanks ladies!
    @marusya: ::blushing:: :)
    @dani: def give this look a try and let me know how it works out!
    @xuan: thanks girlie, but I think it just looks that way "from all the way over there"... I don't have perfect skin, I break out and suffer from dark spots afterwards... ugh. I'll definitely show how I manage it through my skin care routine, though. thanks for the suggestion :)))

  28. LOVE this look! Super cute blog! I am a new follower :) Follow me too!

    xoxo Denise

  29. Oh yeh I remmeber this post the first time I stumble across your page. I really like the idea of just using liners and liquid liners instead of using eye shadows. You have amazing long eye lashes, I am begging them to grow!!!

  30. Я бы вдул! красотка!


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