Friday, June 17, 2011


Joyeux Friday Everyone!

Thank you thank you thank you for all your support, comments, suggestions and requests! I appreciate each and every one of you--thanks for inspiring me :)))

Here's an inspired nail post dedicated to all of my lovely followers! Hope you like my little creation :))

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Here are all the nail polishes that I used, excluding the base and top coat, which as always, is my #1 Duri Rejuvacote. Left to right: 
  • Soo Nails nail lacquer in s29 (red)
  • Mattese nail enamel in Ballroom Blue (deep navy) 
  • Sinful Colors in Snow Me White (white)
  • Soo Nails in Madison Avenue (teal) 
  • Soo Nails in Sky Blue (sky blue)
  • Quirius nail lacquer in Love is Blue (royal blue)
  • Soo Nails in Newport (metallic teal)
  • Soo Nails in Yellow Up (yellow)
  • Saly Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black 

Wearing my inspiration: a typical Russian folkloric bracelet. The Russian Matryoshka dolls are painted in the same style. I didn't want to copy the style exactly, so I added some tiny black dots with my nail pen to create a bit more precision and contrast.

The key to nail art is painting your "designs" in a way to make them pop off the background, so you have to consider the size designs to the size of your nails. I got a bit carried away with painting my left hand (I'm a righty, so it's easier) and made my designs super detailed and kind of too big. To avoid making this mistake, always make sure to look at your nails from a distance or in the mirror. You don't want your nail art looking like a blob. My left hand middle and ring finger nails are definitely looking a little blob-ish... haha

What do u think? :)


Maryam Maquillage

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