Friday, June 24, 2011

Strictly Professional

Salut mes belles :))

Today's post is a request by Kat, who just landed her dream job at one of NYC's top law firms. This law firm (as well as most others) has very strict rules about the type of makeup women are allowed to wear and Kat wanted me to create a look within those parameters. Here they are:
  • NO color lipstick
  • NO color eyeshadows (only nudes and grays)
  • ONLY Black, brown or gray liner
Moreover, there's an even stricter dress code that doesn't even allow for high "clicking" heels. How many of you could work at a place like that? Let me add that starting salary is 6 figures :) So, I guess flats and gray liner it is... all day every day :))) Go Kat!!!

The look I prepared is not about frills, rather it's about clean lines and well accentuated features aka muted, neutral, and respectable.

Read more for pix & details :)

CONSIDER YOUR FEATURES: If you have big features, i. e. a large mouth or big eyes, focus on accentuating just the eyes. Bigger lips tend to draw a lot of attention, so keep them nude and simple for your corporate job. If you have a small to medium mouth, you can get away with wearing gloss. 

EYES: Line the outer half of your top lash line with a brown pencil and smudge out the liner using a brown shadow (Urban Decay Smog) to create a bit of smokiness. Smudged liner is less obvious and makes the eyes appear bigger. Add a neutral highlight (Urban Decay Sin) to the center of your lid to create dimension. Add mascara to top and bottom lashes. Optional: Smudge the liner under the lower lash line for an eye opening effect. 

LIPS: Line the lips with a neutral lip liner (NYX liner in Soft Brown) and add a light pearly shadow to your cupid's bow and center of bottom lip (UD Sin). Top the lips with clear gloss for a subtle yet pretty finish.
  • Keep the eyebrows clean and groomed. Do not overdo the shape or fill them in too much. 
  • Peach or pale pink blush is appropriate and necessary to keep your face looking fresh and awake.
  • Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and skip all contouring.
Don't daze off @ work!


Maryam Maquillage

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