Friday, June 24, 2011

Strictly Professional

Salut mes belles :))

Today's post is a request by Kat, who just landed her dream job at one of NYC's top law firms. This law firm (as well as most others) has very strict rules about the type of makeup women are allowed to wear and Kat wanted me to create a look within those parameters. Here they are:
  • NO color lipstick
  • NO color eyeshadows (only nudes and grays)
  • ONLY Black, brown or gray liner
Moreover, there's an even stricter dress code that doesn't even allow for high "clicking" heels. How many of you could work at a place like that? Let me add that starting salary is 6 figures :) So, I guess flats and gray liner it is... all day every day :))) Go Kat!!!

The look I prepared is not about frills, rather it's about clean lines and well accentuated features aka muted, neutral, and respectable.

Read more for pix & details :)

CONSIDER YOUR FEATURES: If you have big features, i. e. a large mouth or big eyes, focus on accentuating just the eyes. Bigger lips tend to draw a lot of attention, so keep them nude and simple for your corporate job. If you have a small to medium mouth, you can get away with wearing gloss. 

EYES: Line the outer half of your top lash line with a brown pencil and smudge out the liner using a brown shadow (Urban Decay Smog) to create a bit of smokiness. Smudged liner is less obvious and makes the eyes appear bigger. Add a neutral highlight (Urban Decay Sin) to the center of your lid to create dimension. Add mascara to top and bottom lashes. Optional: Smudge the liner under the lower lash line for an eye opening effect. 

LIPS: Line the lips with a neutral lip liner (NYX liner in Soft Brown) and add a light pearly shadow to your cupid's bow and center of bottom lip (UD Sin). Top the lips with clear gloss for a subtle yet pretty finish.
  • Keep the eyebrows clean and groomed. Do not overdo the shape or fill them in too much. 
  • Peach or pale pink blush is appropriate and necessary to keep your face looking fresh and awake.
  • Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and skip all contouring.
Don't daze off @ work!


Maryam Maquillage


  1. Maryam you look GORGEOUS!! Very professional indeed! NO CLICKING HEELS??? *dies*

  2. thats sweet of you do to a post for her! and i love this. its natural and easy! looking gorgeous

  3. I love clicking heels so much, but I guess for a 6-figure salary we all have to make a few sacrifices ;-)

  4. Congrats to Kat! And I love the look you created. Also, couldn't tell you weren't wearing lipstick. I guess the lipliner and gloss are just enough for the perfect everyday lips.

    For a starting salary like that I could give up heels at work but dang!

  5. Wow, gorgeous!! I totally understand, I was in the legal field for 2 years, same spiel we had to go through. I thought our judges were tough even enforced nail polish and perfume rules but they didnt say no heels!!

  6. Congratulation to Kat! And Maryam you did a great job by keeping the makeup simple. I think keeping the simple makeup can be quite scarey, because I know for me, one day I want my makeup to stay simple as possible and then im like 'Lets add more blushes to the cheek' and then at the end of finishing with my makeup, i look like im ready to go to a party! hahaha your so gorgeous!

  7. This look is so cute and perfect..

    I need to definately try it out,


  8. ooh la la your Professionally beautiful! xoxo love E7

  9. Hi! Could you please share what nail polish you have on? It's lovely!

  10. You look absolutely STUNNING in this look. Very classy in sophisticated! You are so naturally beautiful! <3

  11. I love the more natural makeup on you! It looks lovely :)

  12. i loveeee the eyes!! totally something i would wear on a daily basis =] s2..

  13. Love this look!
    I have taken note of all your suggestions to update my work make up. Even though I could go crazy, I think this is beautiful and professional for work.
    Gorgeous girl :)

  14. You always look beautiful! nice post =)

  15. you ladies are awesome with all your comment love!!! thank you all for the compliments, you really spoil me with the kind words!!! I will pass on the well wishes to my friend Kat--I'm sure she'll be thrilled :)

    @Sonia & Mandy: No clicking heels, isn't that just absurd?? I didn't even understand the concept at first lol

    @JC: no lipstick hon, just some shimmery eyeshadow on the cupid's bow and bottom lip--really makes a difference!!

    @Amalia: I totally tried to hide my purple nail polish so it doesn't clash w the look I was going for, but yeah, same thing--she can only wear french manicure, I believe...

    @Kirsty: so true girl, I always have a hard time stopping myself from putting on more makeup haha

    @CatF: My nail polish is Soo Nails lacquer in s21 (on my tips, I'm wearing a silver color s90 by the same company)

    @Laiqah: totally try it.. at least try the lippie and show us some pix!!!

  16. Love the look! Very professional and polished!

  17. wow that is strict, but you did a great job! i think it looks great and simple! and congrats to kat! that is amazing :)

  18. very fresh! I would actually want a job that has a makeup code! ahahah. but the lipstick? I need my red lipstick! i hope some day I work in some big firm haahhaha

  19. Really great look for strict work environments. Although, I could never personally work at those places myself, since clothing is one of the ways I express myself.


  20. ur beautiful!

  21. Very professional & still super beautiful :)

    I still feel lucky I don't have to dress like this at work *phew* ^^

  22. that ud naked palette comes in handy for any occasion! loooove the look! you are stunning!



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