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Hot Morange & Naked 2 Cool

Hola chicas :)) I'm back with another NAKED 2 look and tutorial. This time I'm pairing the eye shadows with one of my favorite lipsticks of the moment: MAC Morange (pic borrowed from Temptalia). I wanted to try a warm look using this cool-tone labeled palette, and I couldn't think of a better pairing than hotter-than-the-sun Morange. As always, I'm including a written tutorial and some makeup tips that are sure to warm up your winter!

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The LOOK: Smoldering, lash-heavy, shimmery eyes with a smoked out wing and a glistening hot orange lip paired over a neutral canvas. Though the NAKED 2 palette is mostly cool, it has several neutral toned shadows, which create an overall warm look when combined with a hot lippie. Voila! Yet another way to rock the NAKED 2!!!

To achieve this EYE LOOK, I used the following Naked 2shades, tools and techniques:
  • Urban Decay primer potion-- all over the lid and up to the brow
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil liner in Zero-- outer half of top lash line, entire bottom lash line and waterline
  • PISTOL e/s on a smudger brush to smudge out the liner in the top and lower lash lines
  • SNAKEBITE e/s on a smudger to wing out the liner and all over the lid up to the crease
  • HALF BAKED e/s on a fluffy brush, dusted all over the crease, above the wing and up to the brow
  • FOXY e/s to clean up any harsh lines above Half Baked and under the smokey wing to define (not sharpen) the line
  • BOOTYCALL e/s in the inner corner
  • Ardell Wispiesfalse lashes
  • L'OrĂ©al Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Blackover the falsies and bottom lashes
MAKEUP TIP: I keep mentioning this post after post, but I'll say it again: the best way to bring out dark brown eyes like mine is to line the eye with a smoldering black liner. The black neutralizes any redness in the whites of your eyes, making the color stand out against a black rimmed white canvas--just like in art! I swear, every time I wear this style, I get tons of compliments on my eye color, which typically never happens when I wear anything else. I used to want to have green eyes like my mom, but with all the cool makeup tricks available for brown eyes, I now wouldn't trade my eye color for any other!!!
MORANGEis one of my current obsessions. It looks so delightful paired with gray clothing and I just adore it with a smoldering eye look. I've seen Morange on many different girls: some wear it blotted matte and others wear it with a gloss on top, but I really love the way it looks straight out of the tube. It gives the face that needed dose of freshness (especially in the winter) and counteracts any redness, darkness or blemishes one may have. Also, it really makes the teeth and eye whites look extra clean and crisp (sorry no teeth pix in this one).
MAKEUP TIP: Applying mascara on top of your falsies makes them appear quite real. My natural eyelashes are nowhere near as long, and for this look, I wanted a Kardashian lash effect. I curled the falsies before gluing them on, then applied them to the roots of my natural lashes (also pre-curled). Next, I treated them as my own and applied 2 heavy coats of voluminous mascara to thicken them. For this technique, it is best to use old false lashes, ones that have already lost their perfect, out-of-the-box appearance. Mine were used (for this purpose) at least 3 times before. Just makes sure you wash and sanitize your falsies prior to each use.

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