Friday, February 3, 2012

Vicious Valentine's Nails

Mwa-ha-ha! Salut mes belles! Today's post is the first installment for my Valentine's Day series. In the upcoming few days, I'll be sharing makeup looks and more nail art appropriate for le jour de l'amour, whether you'll be celebrating or anti-celebrating this Day of Love. I designed my current nail creation to fit both categories, as it has a love/hate relationship with this special occasion. The color combo is vibrant, yet vicious, and it almost hurts the eye screaming for its attention. I guess that's how some of us feel about Valentine's Day, and if that sounds like you, then this anti-Valentine's inspired manicure may just be for you ;)) 

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The products I'm using for this nail design were generously provided by the folks at Born Pretty Store, and as a special gift for all nail polish and makeup lovers, the Born Pretty Store has offered a coupon deal for all my readers. Use this exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the BPS website :)) This coupon ends March 31, 2012, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link below or follow my banner on the sidebar. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))

This nail art is a jump-off from my original Black Caviar Nails post that seemed to have gotten a lot of attention and praise. I received a few requests for more nail looks using rhinestones and a lot of you wanted to see more matte nail polish looks using color. So, with those components in mind, I'm presenting the first of my two nail creations for Valentine's Day.

A Matte Red so gorgeous, I almost didn't want to embellish it!!

Brand: BK Nail Polish

Price: $4.36 (wholesale options available)

Description: Ravishing, Radiant, Refined and Rambunctious RED that is hot, flattering and 100% matte. This color has neutral undertones, so it would work for both cool and warm skin tones. This red looks particularly flattering on my semi-Asian skin color (I say semi b/c my hands are much lighter than the rest of me) and actually makes them look more tan. A nice perk for a wintry Valentine. In general, matte polishes tend to even out bumpy or ridgy nails and this BK brand nail polish does it better than any other matte brand I've tried. The nails come out smooth and silky to the touch and once they're dry, you just can't resist rubbing your fingers all over them :)

Verdict: This polish is über chic and so, so different from what you would normally expect from a classic red nail. The matte finish results in a beautiful, unusual manicure that gives this classic look a much needed edge. I love this product and will wear it with pride on its own and as a base for a funky female empowered nail art. POW!!

Other Products Used:  
  • Duri RejuvacoteBase / Top coat *my own product, used as a base
  • Orange Stick to pick up rhinestones *my own product
  • Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Goldused for the ring finger band design *my own product
  • Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue *my own product

    1. After the base coat, I applied two coats of the Matte Red polish and waited for it to dry.
    2. I prearranged the rhinestones to lie on their flat side and using a wet orange stick (toothpick or match works just as well) picked up each one and placed it on a thin strip of nail glue at the root of my nail.
    3. For my ring finger design, I drew a thin ring band using a gold nail art pen and attached the rhinestones to the center of the band to form a ring.
    4. I finished the design by securing a top coat over the stones only.
    The red and blue theme is very reminiscent of Wonder Woman and I just love the female empowerment symbolism behind it. As the anti-Valentine in me would say, "I can put on own ring on it"!!! Just kidding, next week's nail post will embrace the Valentine's Day spirit and I promise to deliver something much more traditional. Hint, hint: there will be lots of hearts & diamonds and maybe even some pearls :)


    Maryam Maquillage


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