Friday, February 10, 2012

Wine 4 my Valentine

Salut mes amis!! I'm raising a glass of Bourgogne to all of you for sticking by me during my blog blizzard. I'm back with an actual makeup post, Valentine's Day appropriate, and I want to ask you to update your bookmarks and links with my new site: There are still a few technical kinks that I have to work out, some of you are telling me that you're unable to see my updates in the blogger dashboard--while others can--so I'll get that fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you're having trouble getting my updates, you can follow me on Bloglovin'--it seems to be working just fine. Also, I always post my updates on Facebook & Twitter, so please join me there, if you haven't already. Now, on to my Valentine's Day maquillage du jour!

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Smokey Eye full of Wine :))
You guys know I'm a big lover of wine and a good ol' smokey eye, so for this Valentine's makeup look, I decided to bring my two loves together in a special smokey Burgundy bouquet, perfect for a connoiseur of the finer things in life. To keep things extra Frenchy, I'm pairing this makeup look with a quirky braided updo a la Amelie Poulain. After all, no one knows more about romance (or the finer things in life) than the French--it's not a stereotype--it really is true!!! Trust me, I lived there, and here's the proof:
I candidly snapped this photo while living in Paris a few years ago. No, it is not staged, this is a real couple, having a real date, on the bank of la Seine. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Paris, there are tons of couples everywhere--strolling, wining, dining--and they all seem to be so in love. Aaaah, Paris, je t-aime!!! On to the maquillage!!!
I used the following products to get my EYE look:

On my LIPS, I'm wearing MAC lipstick in Russian Red. This color is oh-so-glamorous, it literally dressed up the whole look in an instant.
TUTORIAL / HOW-TO get this smokey wine eye look:
  1. Prime your eye and apply a burgundy sticky base (NYX-Rust) all over your lid and blend it out toward the outer corner of the eyebrow, using your finger. Also, apply the base to the outer half of your lower lash line. If you have bigger eyes, keep the color under your crease and rim the entire lower lash line.
  2. Apply your shimmery nude sticky base (NYX-Yogurt) in the inner corner of the eye and blend it out with your pinky.
  3. Taking a shimmery wine color (UD-Last Call) on a flat stiff brush, apply it all over the base using patting motions. Blend out the color by gently flicking the brush outwards.
  4. Blend out the edge using a soft brown or nude eyeshadow that is close to your skin tone (UD-Naked). As always, use windshield wiper motions for this part.
  5. Add dimension to the outer corner and outer "V" of the eye by applying a matte black eyeshadow (UD-Blackout) and blending it out using small circle motions.
  6. Highlight the inner corner with a pink champagne eyeshadow (UD-Scratch)
  7. Add a neutral highlight under your brow with a matte, eggshell eyeshadow (UD-Foxy)
  8. Apply dark red glitter on top of the black eyeshadow and the transition between the burgundy.
  9. Line the top lash line with a black liner and sharpen the outer edge of the lower lash line with a fine line.
  10. Apply your falsies and mascara.
This photo looks a tad like a graduation picture, but hey, it's only fitting for Maryam Maquillage, a recent blogger graduate :)) Hope you like my Wine themed Valentine's Day look and get to try it out for yourself. For now, I'm off to fix my glitches and want to wish you all a Happy Friday!!!

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