Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hearts, Diamonds & Pearls

Salut mes belles :)) Today's post is my second Valentine's Day nails installment (see first one here) and it is celebrating all things sweet, romantic and lovey-dovey. The products in this post were generously provided by the lovely people at Born Pretty Store, and it is my pleasure to create this pearl encrusted hearts and diamonds nail design for all the lovers out there!!

Read more for products, pix, deets, etc. :))

The Goodies:
Products Used:

Brand: BK Nail Polish

Price: $4.36 (wholesale options available)

Description: This matte pink polish is perfectly girly and sweet, yet it possesses an undeniable cool factor due to its matte finish. For this nail design, I only used the pink polish on my tips giving the look a reversed French manicure in a heart shape, and also used it for the heart design on the accent nail. Because matte polishes dry very evenly and smoothly, I find it much easier to paint creative designs using nail polishes with a matte finish--fixing mistakes is so easy, just layer more polish on top and voila!
Verdict: This is the third matte dull nail polish I try (second from the BK brand) and I truly love it and have zero compaints! I'm eager to wear this polish in the summer time, I think it will look amaaazing on the toesies :)))
Product: Nail Art Colorful Half Pearls Decoration Set for Nails

Price: $3.55 (wholesale options available) 

Description: Easy to use wheel package containing 6 colors of 1.5 mm (diameter) flat back half-pearls, including white, pink, fuchsia, teal, apricot, and lavender. 
Verdict: Great quality pearls comparable to other leading brands at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for nail art and decoration.


SPECIAL: Use my exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the BPS website :)) This coupon ends March 31, 2012, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link above or follow my banner on the sidebar. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))
NOTE: For tips on how to use pearls and rhinestones, please check my other designs (Black Caviar Nails & Vicious Valentine's Nails) for written tutorials. I'm not giving a tutorial today, because I used free hand painting to create this nail design. I want to encourage you all to explore your hidden abilities and talents to find your individual interpretations of what is fashionable and trendy :))

As always, thank you for reading, commenting and supporting this blog. I love you all and wish you the happiest Valentine's Day ever!!!


Maryam Maquillage


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