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Maryam's Summer Beauty Hits!

Salut mes amis & Happy Monday! Today's post is the first of its kind, presenting my summer hits aka some of my current beauty obsessions. As a beauty blogger, I receive a lot of stuff to review, so I figured this would be a good way to introduce you to new products and review some of my favorites. I'll try to include at least one product in every category: cosmetics, skin care, hair and nails; and if you like this type of post, I'll be happy to start a monthly feature. Let me know your thoughts!

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Product: Mont Bleu Glass Nail File (originally reviewed here)

Description: Glass nail files are a fairly recent discovery for us in the States, but have been widely popular in Europe and parts of Asia for several years. Because glass nail files are smoother and more even surfaced than emery boards and metallic nail files, they are much healthier for the nails and are preferred by top manicurists.

Why I LOVE it: In my original review of Mont Bleu's* glass nail file, I was under the impression that this tool was too delicate for heavy duty nail care. However, after about a month of using my glass nail file for both manis and pedis, I no longer have the need for any other filing tools. This glass nail file is so durable that it can handle the toughest of nail jobs. Since discovering this product, I've shaped and reshaped my nails from squoval to round to stiletto, and using the glass file has cut my time in half. This is an ideal tool for any nail enthusiast who loves to stay on top of nail trends while keeping the nails splinter free and healthy.


Description: Cristophe Professional* Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner nourishes the hair with rich Argan and Monoi oils, strengthening the strands and protecting them from styling damage and breakage. The UV protection in Christophe Professional shampoos and conditioners protects the hair from the sun and keeps it healthy all summer long.
  • Argan Oil -- penetrates deep in the hair's cuticle and pore to hydrate and restore elasticity, smoothing unmanageable hair. Rich in Vitamin E, Argan oil helps to repair damage caused by styling tools, dyes and free radicals in the air.
  • Monoi Oil -- a mixture of petals of Tiare and refined coconut oil, this essential hair oil has amazing repairing capability on dry, damaged hair. A long tradition in Polynesia, women have used Monoi oil on their hair to replenish moisture that has been stripped from the hair by sea salt.
Why I LOVE it: Just take a look at the pics above -- my hair hasn't been this shiny and healthy looking since my high school days! Before discovering Cristophe Professional*, I had long been frustrated and disappointed with the condition of my hair and most of the products I've been using. I had become so desperate to find an antidote for my lifeless strands and dry, breaking ends, that I was literally a hair strand away from drastically chopping off my tresses completely. I've always been a fan of long, luscious locks, and using this shampoo / conditioner combo has honestly saved my hair. While these products have not "glued" back my split ends -- that's impossible -- they have made my hair significantly more manageable and softer. This way, I can trim my ends gradually, without having to resort to drastic measures. 

In the pics above, my hair is freshly washed and conditioned with Christophe Professional Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. No other hair products or styling tools have been used and the hair was naturally air dried.


Description: A mineral rich, oil-free, hydrating gel that encourages the skin's optimal hydration levels for a clearer, radiantly smooth complexion.
  • Aqua-Sponge Complex -- exclusive moisture binding complex encourages skin's natural hydration response
  • Minerals such as Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium provide effective, stress fighting benefits for greater resilience
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract protects against sensitivity and provides additional anti-oxidant benefits.

Why I LOVE it: This moisture gel is one of the most impressive skin products I've tried in a while. Ideal for normal to oily skin, the unique gel hydrates, mattifies and clears the complexion all at once. Using it in the evening has become my ritual -- I love to wake up to a visibly brighter and healthier skin tone! Acne marks are smoothed and pores are refined resulting in serious complexion enhancement every time you use this product. Plus, this stuff smells absolutely divine!!

This sample came in my May's Glossybox* (review here).


Description: This gel is an ideal boost to your anti-aging routine, the Cucumber / Tea combo smoothes fine lines and improves skin tone. Cucumber is a natural coolant that fights swelling and puffiness, while the antioxidants in Green Tea battle free radicals from the environment that cause damage to the skin and lead to aging. 

Why I LOVE it: This product simply works! No more tired, puffy eyes for me -- this gel is so refreshing, smoothing and soothing that even my boyfriend noticed the difference and started to sneak apply it every night! The result: tight and youthful skin appearance with bright, awake and refreshed peepers.

This product came in my April's Glossybox* (review here)


  • Burberry Lip Mist gives a sheer illuminating finish with a subtle hint of color
  • Contains moisturizing emollients and wild rose extract for long-lasting hydration and protection
  • The smooth and lightweight texture glides on effortlessly
Why I LOVE it: This lipstick has the most perfect natural lip effect I've ever experienced. I typically stay away from sheer formulas, but this one is so unique and flattering on the lips, that I can barely keep myself from wearing it all the time! There's just something so glamorous about the copper tint and wet finish of this lip mist, that it looks sexy and amazing at any time of day! The wear is particularly impressive, surviving an entire BBQ of burgers and beers :))

This sample came in my May's Glossybox* (review here)

Product/s: Lime Crime* Uniliners Collection (left to right)
  • Lunar Sea (white)
  • Lazuli (bright blue)
  • Citreuse (yellow-green)
  • Quill (shiny black)
  • 6th Element (orange)
  • Blue Milk (pale blue)
  • Orchidaceous (violet-purple)
Description: Lime Crime's new liquid liners come in 7 eye-popping, smudge-proof formulated colors and a precision brush for razor-sharp application.

Why I LOVE it: I've been raving about this collection since its debut and am proud to say that I was the first blogger in the beauty blogosphere to review these babies (read my original review here)!! I am completely obsessed with the uniliners (they are pretty close to perfect): the pigmentation, consistency, opacity, color range, ease of application and wear longevity are all superb and impressive. Check out my swatch look below using all the colors and a full face shot above featuring the orange 6th Element.

Slight Inconsistencies: 
  • Some people have experienced drying and cracking when wearing Lunar Sea (white) over eyeshadow.  
  • 6th Element (orange) is the only liner requiring two coats for full coverage / opacity.

Q: Which product/s are you most excited about? 

Q: Which category interests you most?

Please let me know your thoughts about this monthly feature :))


Maryam Maquillage


*The products in this post were sent by said company for my use and consideration.

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