Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Modern Flapper

Bonjour mes amis!! Closing up the month with a bang, today's post features my fourth installment in collaboration with Caviar Noir Jewelry. I've gotten so much positive feedback from you guys on the first three posts (see Caviar Noir: Kashmir, Angelique & Morocco) that I'm thinking of making these posts (jewelry/makeup collabs) a permanent fixture here on Maryam Maquillage. What do you think? I am also ecstatic to report back to Julie, the creative force behind Caviar Noir, that her signature pieces are the talk of Blogger-town!!

On to the good stuff :)

Flapper, Baby!
Caviar Noir Hollywood Flapper headpiece is inspired by the twenties and is practically roaring with excitement! This decadent piece is glamorous, delicate and ornate, adding a touch of pizazz to any outfit, makeup or hairstyle. Release your inner flapper and enjoy your "Golden Years" in this Art Deco stunner!!
Details: Hollywood flapper's golden flower brooch sits on three pink braided leather straps and is adjustable in the back. This piece would look amazing on a blonde, but I also love the contrast it brings to my brunette-head. 

Flapper Makeup: When coming up with a makeup look to match the intensity of this piece, I wanted to 1. stay true to the era, and 2. keep it current and fresh. If you follow me on Pinterest, you've seen my scatter-brain at work, pinning images of real and costume-ized flappers in search of inspiration. I noticed that most of the recreations used the same silver-gray color scheme (probably because authentic images are black and white), so I grabbed my palettes and went for the gold!

A signature 20's makeup look calls for pencil-thin, drawn on eyebrows and dark, demure shadow under the inner part of the brow. I attempted to "shear-out" my brows by covering them with a chunky white base (NYX -- Milk) and slapping on some pale shadow on top, but it looked awful in close-ups, so I strategically placed my watermark under the brow to cover the strays... aren't I clever? Also, instead of bringing the dark crease eyeshadow all the way up to the inner part of the brow (as seen in classic looks), I used a "slightly-darker-than-my-skin-tone" purple-beige shade to mimic the shadowing.

As I've always known and rediscovered yet again, my features are somewhat challenging for these types of classic looks, so I won't go into detail about how to recreate this one. Instead, I just thought I'd add this look to the sea of inspiration I found on Google.
These Ardell lashes sure are sparkly!! TIP: To help false lashes blend better, line your top lash line with a black liquid liner, apply your lashes, and line again, this time over the band.
 This Jazzy Modern Flapper is ready for Hollywood!


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