Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mariposa Maravellosa

Hello old friends and new!!! Happy Sunday :)) This week has been pretty darn great and I'm fluttering through it like a happy butterfly. I rarely share anything outside of the subject of makeup and beauty, but since I'm feeling so uplifted, I want to announce that I finally picked up my diploma this Friday and am proud to say that I graduated magna cum laude. To reward my achievement, I did exactly what you'd expect me to do -- I went on a shopping spree! Today's look is the result of some of my beauty purchases, including the Mariposa Palette by Urban Decay. Now, I can truly flutter through the limitless sky like a marvelous butterfly :))

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This Urban Decay limited edition palette hasn't gotten as much hype as the two Naked palettes, but that doesn't mean that it's anything less than awesome. The Mariposa ("Butterfly" in Spanish) features 10 shimmery eye shadows in a fun, party ready, shimmery compilation of past-time favorites (Gunmetal, Haight and Rockstar) and four exclusive new hits--Infamous, Wreckage, Spotlight and Limelight. The palette comes in a cute, travel-size tin similar to the Naked 2 (though not as sturdy) and includes a mini flat application brush. 

For this eye look, I used:


    On my LIPS:
    • NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Natural
    • Revlon superlustrous lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle-- this shade is quite opaque and also pretty similar to the tonality of my skin (meaning it isn't lighter or darker). To make it work for me, I had to pair it with a slightly darker liner, otherwise it looked like I didn't have a mouth. This color would probably look better on someone with lighter skin, so if you're on the pale side are looking for an edgy lavender lippie as an alternative to pink, look no further, Lilac Pastelle is a good choice!
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