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Weatherly Changes NailArt

Salut mes belles et mes beaus!! As you can see, my weatherly nails are finally here and today is cloudy and rainy, just like my middle finger Wednesday :)) I've seen clouds and raindrops on quite a few nail blogs, so this nailart is not my original idea. To make it my own, I decided to include several elements to create a whole 10-day weather forecast!! In this post, I'll also be discussing the awesome gradient effect I used on my base... and guess what? It can be achieved with one single nail polish... that's right, only one!!! Read more to learn the secret!!


Ylin Mood Changing Nail Polish
*This product was sent for review by Born Pretty Store

Color: Magic Purple / Sky Blue

Price: $7.84 (wholesale options available)

Purchase: Born Pretty Store (exclusive 10% off coupon: MARYAM5W21)

Description: This magic mood changing nail polish reflects the change of temperature. In temperature below 33º C (91.4º F), the polish turns a purple lavender color (once dry) and in temperature above 33º C, the polish turns a bright sky blue color. This effect doesn't only depend on room temperature, it also reflects body temperature and reacts to water.

Is it blue, is it lavender, is it both?

Details: As you can see, there are several possible moods / looks that can be achieved with this nail polish. The gradient is the most common, especially on longer nails that have tips. This is due to the fact that while the nail bed stays warm, the detached tip gets cooler and creates a funky gradient / french tip effect. The colors change throughout the day depending on body, room or outside temperature. This polish has a matte finish and is slightly thinner than regular nail polishes. To make it completely opaque, I applied three coats -- which is fine because the polish dries very quickly. While the polish may appear to be dry, that doesn't mean that it is set. A slight down side to this nail polish is that it has to be completely set (an hour or so) before being exposed to warm water, otherwise, it will crack. The good part is that once the polish is dry, it will not smudge, so other activities are totally fine. P. S. Check out the subtle gradient on my toesies :))

Verdict: Sky Blue, Moody Lavender and Funky Gradient can all be achieved at the same time with the help of one single magical bottle of nail polish!! Think of this nail enamel as a mood ring in a bottle, but so much cooler because it is actually worn on the nails. I am thoroughly impressed and sincerely amused by the magic of this polish, it is truly one of the most innovative beauty products I've ever tried. My little brother and sister were absolutely hysterical and even my boyfriend and my father thought this nail polish was pretty darn cool. I think this polish makes a terrific gift for anyone, whether they are young or old.

Shapes: round (2mm), star, elliptic, heart, flower, square

Price: $3.84 (wholesale options available) 

Description: Easy to use wheel package containing 6 shapes of Silver rhinestones, packaged in an easy-to-use scroll wheel 

Verdict: Great quality rhinestones comparable to other leading brands at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for nail art and decoration, as well as body art and other crafts.

The two products reviewed were generously provided by the lovely people at Born Pretty Store, and as a special gift for all nail polish and makeup lovers, the Born Pretty Store has offered a coupon deal for all my readers. Use this exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the BPS website :)) This coupon ends March 31, 2012, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link below or follow my banner on the sidebar. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))

On to my NAIL ART!!!
The Tools:

With a moody changing polish so cool, how could I not do a weather forecast?!!
 To create this nail art:
  1. I applied three coats of Ylin Mood -- Color Changing Nail Polish in Magic Purple / Sky Blue over my base coat and waited for it to dry.
  2. Next, I used a bright yellow nail polish to paint round shapes at the root of my nail. For 'sunny' days, I placed the dot on the center of my nail; for 'partly cloudy' days, I placed it slightly to the side.
  3. To create the sun rays, I used the same yellow polish on a toothpick and also a gold nail art pen.
  4. Next, I used a white nail polish to create the clouds. I dabbed the polish instead of painting it to give the cloudy / partially opaque effect to the clouds.
  5. To adhere the raindrops (elliptical shape rhinestones), I added small drops of nail glue and attached the rhinestones using a wet toothpick.

 Thanks for reading, I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday :)))

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