Friday, March 30, 2012

Taupe & Smokey Pour Amélie :)

Salut mes belles et mes beaus!! Joyeux Vendredi -- Happy Friday!! Today's look is a request from Amélie, asking for a nude, fresh and sophisticated summer look concentrating on the eyes. Amélie was very clear about what she wanted: a taupe smokey eye for almond-shaped -- though not Asian -- brown eyes. I was very touched by this special request, not only because it was written in French, but also because it was quite specific and I'm a sucker for specificity. I love it when people know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it; I especially admire that about the French. Anyway, I hope the rest of you, my lovely readers, can enjoy and utilize this look for yourselves. On to the maquillage!

Read more for how-to, tips, pix & deets :))

Taupe-y Shimmer Eye
There's no better taupe or nude eye shadows out there than the shades from the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. For this look, I used both Nakeds: two taupe-y shades plus one highlight from the Naked 2, and two crease / contour shades from the original Naked. The look I came up with can be worn on a hot summer day, as well as transition into the night. The shimmery shadows are very reflective and festive, while the mattes are casual and wearable, making this look versatile and perfect for any occasion.

Products Used: (EYES)

Products Used: (LIPS)

On my FACE:
  • Custom Dinair airbrush foundation & blush -- BIG review coming soon :))
  1. Prime your eye with a primer and wait for 20-30 seconds for it to set. Then, apply a shimmery taupe sticky base like NYX Iced Mocha all over your lid and up to the crease. Blend it out using your finger.
  2. Use a flat brush to pat the silver taupe shadow (Verve) to the center of the lid.
  3. Clean off the brush and apply a brownish taupe (Suspect) to the inner and outer lid, enclosing Verve.
  4. Using a fluffy dome brush and windshield wiper motions, apply a matte soft brown (Buck) shadow onto the crease. Bring the color under the lower lash line, keeping it in the outer half. Think of creating a "C" shape around the outer crease and lower lash line.
  5. Clean off the brush and apply a nude shadow (Naked) right above Buck to blend it out, using the same windshield wiper motions.
  6. Highlight the inner tear duct and brow bone using a matte eggshell shadow (Foxy).
  7. Line the waterline using a brown waterproof pencil (Whiskey). TIP: Using brown liner in the waterline helps to bring out the color of brown eyes, rather than making the eyes bigger or brighter, like nude or black liner, respectively.
  8. Line the top lash line using a shimmery brown liner (Black Honey) and extend the wing starting from the outer corner of the lower lash line.
  9. Apply black mascara and lash accents (optional) and voila!
A summer look would be incomplete without a beautiful rosy blush and glowing cheekbones. For this look, I went for a natural flushed skin effect, using airbrush makeup from Dinair (I'm still learning how to use this stuff, so stay tuned for a big review in the next week or so). As an alternative to airbrushing, use mineral foundation on your problem areas only, allowing your natural skin tone and texture to shine through. Blot the t-zone with translucent powder and you're good to go!

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