Monday, April 2, 2012

Money, Honey

Salut mes belles!! I'm back with another simple-yet-effective maquillage and tutorial. You've asked for it and I'm delivering your ready-to-wear makeup straight to your computer screen. Thanks to everyone who participated in my improvement survey and if you're new to this blog, let your opinion be heard and vote in my poll on the sidebar. Thanks a billz :))) 

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For this look, I'm using two eyeshadows only--you guessed it--they are Money & Honey, both by Urban Decay. I'm also utilizing my "signature liner" technique to make things a bit more fun and creative, while still keeping it easy. I gotta say, I love simple looks, they truly are the most effective, if applied right. I actually wasn't planning on sharing this look on here (I didn't think it was anything special at first), but after getting quite a few compliments while wearing it out and about, I decided to take some pix and blab about it. So, if you like it, scroll down for the tutorial and this eye look can be yours too :)))

Products Used:

P. S. These palettes don't have any repeater shades :)))

  1. Prime your eye
  2. Using patting motions and a flat shader brush like Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush, apply Honey to the inner half of your eye and slightly past the crease. Also apply the shade to your inner corner
  3. Clean off the brush or flip it over and apply Money to the outer half of the eye using the same technique as in the previous step.
  4. To blend the transition, pat Honey over Money and vice-versa, until the middle of the lid becomes a gradient.
  5. LINER: Begin my lining the top lash line starting at the center of the lid and creating an outer wing. My favorite liner brush for cream of gel liners is Sonia Kashuk bent liner brush, it helps create a really precise line.
  6. Once you've lined the top lash line and created a wing, flip the brush, directing the stroke in the opposite direction towards your inner corner. Flick the brush inwards, drawing a wing in the fold of your crease. TIP: If you have deeply sunken or very large eyes, draw the second wing slightly below your crease. TIP for MONOLIDS: If you don't have a crease, this is your opportunity to play around and create one where you'd want it to appear ;))
  7. Optional: Line the waterline with a nude liner to make the eyes bigger and the whites brighter.
  8. Curl your lashes and apply volumizing mascara, directing the wand towards to outer corner of the eyebrow instead of straight up. This technique lifts the eyes at the outer corners, giving them a more playful and exotic shape.
If you're wondering why my lips look more plumped than usual, it's because they are. I'm using a discontinued (yeah, I know :/) lip plumper from Coastal Scents and Stila lip glaze in Vanilla on top. I'm not sure what's in the plumper--it stings like crazy, but it clearly works--so I bought like five of them when I had the chance... I use it rarely because I still haven't found anything that is remotely comparable, so if you know of a product, please let me know!

My face is airbrushed using Dinair custom foundation. I'm using it every day for a week and so far, I'm loving it! Stay tuned for a BIG review in the next few posts :)))


Maryam Maquillage

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