Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just a little bit MOD

Salut mes amis! So I chopped my hair yet again... figuratively, of course, via a short and mod wig sent to me by my friends at KKcenterHK. Today's look is a blast from the past, taking on the 1960's MOD era. My version of MOD makeup and hair was inspired by many muses and I'm channeling a little bit of each one in this heavily pictorial post/spread. Read more to see my inspiration!

Mad for Mod? You betcha!

MOD for Twiggy
Mod makeup and Twiggy have become practically synonymous. In the 1960's, this British supermodel sensation revolutionized the beauty world with her large eyes, long spidery lashes, short boyish hair, and overall androgynous appearance. In the above photo (credits: Google), Twiggy is applying her spiky falsies and lining her famous "lash" extensions.

My take on the Twiggy eye
Products Used:

MOD for Peggy Moffitt
Peggy Moffitt's signature 60's asymmetrical cut defines what MOD hair is all about. The blunt edge covering one eye made this photo (credits: Google) incredibly famous and inspiring for decades to come. 

My take on Peggy
 The 60's Wig
Product: 100% Kanekalon Long Bang Short Black Full Wig item number M372-FW-093-2

Where To Buy:

Price: $22.40

Description: Short, black, long side bang, asymmetrical wig in the style of 60's mod. This wig is adjustable in size and is made of Kanekalon, a synthetic material imitating natural hair.

My Thoughts: As you know, I'm a huge fan of wigs. KKcenterHK's wigs are among my favorites: they are outstanding in quality, plus this online beauty shop has an incredible collection of style choices to pick from. KKcenterHK wigs barely shed, if at all, and this is a major factor distinguishing these wigs from other affordable synthetic choices. This wig is perfect for a mod look--whether you're going to a dress up party or just thinking of revisiting the 60's for a throwback look. I would most definitely purchase this wig with my own money and would recommend KKcenterHK to anyone looking for affordable, good-quality wig options.

The Spread

MOD for Sweet Audrey 
Audrey Hepburn: This muse needs no intro, she's been epitomized, idolized and immortalized by everyone from Michael Jackson to Beyonce who have referenced her style and energy in many of their dance moves and music videos. I couldn't NOT include Audrey and her famous black turtleneck photo. 

Here I am, channeling the innocence :)
Cannot escape my Asian
A 60's feelin'

shady but sunny
The Extras:
  • My Face is airbrushed with Dinair custom foundation (review coming soon)
  • On my Lips, I'm wearing:
  • On my Nails, I'm wearing:
    • Brucci Nail Hardener in Elizabeth's A Natural

the 60's!

Special Merci to my photographer: Le Var


Maryam Maquillage


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