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Salut mes amis! Here I am, striking a pose with my bestie Liz at the IMATS NY 2012!! Liz and I attended yesterday, Sunday, April 15, and had an absolute blast! Here is my official coverage :))

The International Make-up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) happens once a year, in 6 fashion capitals of the world, gathering mua's, vendors, industry celebs & professionals to socialize, network, teach, shop and promote all things makeup. The show is open to the public for two out of the three days of the event where makeup enthusiasts can stock up on exclusive and permanent items at discount prices and also learn tips and tricks from industry insiders.

Since I've been beauty blogging for a little over a year now, I figured this was an event I could not possibly miss. Liz and I dabbed into a little bit of everything that the IMATS had to offer: we attended classes (airbrush techniques pictured below), socialized, took pix, and definitely shopped until we almost dropped. Just check out my pix! The NYX booth had some of the most enthusiastic shoppers and longest lines, while the Eve Pearl demonstrations and OCC booth were the most crowded.
One of the highlights of the IMATS was the Makeup Museum, featuring famous prosthetics from movies and TV shows. I don't know about you, but that stuff really fascinates me, so naturally, I took tons of pics. Also, check out the ├╝ber vintage curling irons and blow dryers (just imagine the damage they did to hair follicles haha)
Another highlight was the student makeup competition and seeing live special effects demonstrations by seriously skilled artists. I was thoroughly amused and amazed. I kept thinking about my little bro and sis who are obsessed with monsters and such. I'm considering taking them along next year, so they can see their favorite monsters come alive!! I don't know why kids are so fascinated by that...
One of my favorite monsters. She was sooooo cute!!!
Did I mention I met lots of fun peeps and took tons of pix ;))
Taking a quick lunch break with my Lizzie. Our makeup was really cute (and natural compared to some of the attendees), but I totally forgot to take any close-up pix other than this low-quality Instagram... silly me. P. S. Liz got super sprayed at the SunLab booth. She's normally alabaster white and after the spray, she is way darker than me!!
I must have taken this pic about 25 times and for the life of me, my new camera was not point-and-shooting... It was probably the most ridiculous moment of my IMATS experience. Even the people behind me were laughing at us lol... sorry for the crap quality, but anyway, just wanted to show that I WAS THERE!!!
And now, the moment you've been waiting for: my HAUL!!! I was a smart shopper with only one real spurge: mink falsies from Velour. I figured I wasn't a real Russian until I owned a pair of mink lashes!
STAY TUNED for reviews & makeup looks!!!


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