Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Bday Mr. Maquillage!!

Hello old friends and new!! Today's post is a snippet of my personal non-blogging life, introducing my beau: my BDAY boy LeeLee!! This week was hectic as Lee's best friend and I were very busy planning his surprise. My blog, in turn, went into hibernation mode and with no beauty material to share, I figured it was time to meet the man behind Maryam Maquillage!!! No one does more for this blog than my LeeLee; he is the brains behind the operation, the muscle, if you will :))) Not to mention, he's also my photographer and photo editor. Notice the photo credits at the end of my bigger blog posts :)) Yup, that's my Le Var!! So, on Sunday we celebrated... ooooh we shhelebrated LeeLee's hallmark birthday with unlimited mimosas, bellinis, and red & white sangria at a poppin' NYC brunch spot. Surpriiiiise!!!

See more pix, read our love story and meet our best friends!!

11 years together and counting!!!
People are always shocked to find out that Lee and I have been in a relationship for 11 years and I'm only in my 20's... well, SURPRISE!! We met when I was just in high school and have been together ever since. I cherish every day with my babe and know that these 11 years will turn into 111, because he is my ultimate best friend.

A fun fact: Lee comes from a ballet background, which inadvertently brought us together. The kids he used to teach at Dance Theater ended up becoming my classmates at the FAME school and here are some of them: Ray (my partner in surprise bday planning) and the beautiful Kika and Geneva <3
Kool Kat Ray-meow!!!
MY Lee's favorite: Dominican cake!! If you're ever in NYC, be sure to go to the heights and treat yourself to a slice of heavenly goodness. There is nothing quite like a Dominican cake... it is moist, fresh, fluffy and filled with tropical staples like guava and dulce the leche. We went half and half, pizza style, half guava half dulce de leche. Thanks Kika!!
Taking a few pix with Kenya, LeeLee's best girl friend. You may remember Kenny, she's made a couple of appearances on the bloggy :)) We <3 you Kennnnnyyyy!!!
My high school besties, Jo and Christen -- I just love them so much!!! You may also remember Chrissy, she's made several appearances on the blog as my muse and model :)))
Below Left: my bestie Jonsi. The ultimate drama diva, Jonsi is as naughty as she appears and then some. Always the life of the party -- with Jonsi -- a boring time is simply impossible!! <3

Below Right: my bestie Gina is such a trooper for showing up while being 6 months pregnant!! Love ya girl!!!
Me and my besties Larry and Liz! You've seen them both before many-a-times, these girls are simply my sisters!!! I love love love them <3
A rather blurry action shot of Lee and his awesome big brother Michael!!!
 Happy Birthday to my Mister!!!
Thanks to Larry, here's a virutal glimpse into our celebration: Christen singing happy birthday to LeeLee. It was an indescribably magical moment filled with so much love, joy and emotion. Thanks for blessing us with your vocals, Chrissy!!! We love you <3

and now you're a part of it too!!! thanks for joining in the celebration <3


Maryam Maquillage

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