Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Bling Nails!

Salut mes amis! It's been a while since my last nail post and today I'm back with a cheerful new spring mani designed for shorter, squared nails. I've recently discovered Milani Jewel FX nail polishes -- you know the ones with the big, chunky glitters (pictured above on my thumb) and I've been totally head over heels! Actually, the reason I haven't posted nail stuff is because I've only been wearing these glitter polishes and I generally don't post solid color nails. Anyway, this week's nail creation is glittery, fun, bright and has a slight design element, which is exactly how I like it! Hope you do too :)))

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Polishes Used:
  • Quirius Nail Lacquer in Jamaican Dream (bright mint) -- two coats for the base
  • Soo Nails Nail Lacquer in Silver Down #s90 (chrome silver) -- silver chevron tips done in two easy diagonal swipes.
  • Milani Jewel FX Nail Lacquer in 530 Jems(chunky mixed rainbow glitter) -- just two coats of this bad boy result in a very dense glitter finish. I applied the glitter polish over one coat of the bright mint polish on the accent fingers and over one side of the chevron tip.
  • Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System(base & top coat) -- I always indicate the same product in my nail posts, but still get so many questions about what top coat I use lol... so voila, this is it. And yes, it is both a base and a top coat :)) Click on the link to get yours!!

Spring nail colors, for me, are all about making the transition between the winter and the summer... kind of an obvious concept, if ya ask me :)) In the winter time, I tend to wear a lot of neutral and pale colors, whereas in the summer, I go all out with neons and brights. For the spring time, it just makes sense to go with pastels and amped up neutrals, and the the exact opposite is true of my darker autumn choices. Check out some of my past seasonal favorites and click on the pics for tutorials and more info.

This Spring, I'm jazzing up my bright pastel mint green with some rainbow glitter bling!!

Just look how it shines!! Chi-chiiingg!!
 What nail colors do you choose for Spring?

Speaking of Spring colors, don't forget to enter the MakeupBee Lit Cosmetics Prom Competition. There are just a few days left, so go ahead and upload a look for your chance to win some goodies. My current favorite to win is the "Purple Smoke" eye look by Joanna F. This Polish makeup guru is incredibly talented and comes up with the most gorgeous looks I always want to wear!! She needs all the votes she can get, so please give her yours because she truly deserves it. Just look at this simply stunning creation-->

Click on the pic or the links above to go to her entry and hit the <3 Like! Merci mes amis <3

P. S. If you're not a member of MakeupBee, you can join via FB.


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