Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nail Painting for Easter

Bonjour mes amis & Happy Easter!!! How many of you are attending a church service today? Are your Easter eggs painted and ready to be devoured after a 40-day fast? Did you know that the ancient tradition of painting eggs for Easter also coincided with fun folkloric games such as egg rolling, egg tapping and the egg hunt? Who knew religion was so fun and vibrant?! I sure didn't... but I'm definitely feeling the spirit and cheer of this colorful Christian holiday and I have the Easter Bunny to thank for my pastel fingertips!!

Happy Nail Painting!!

This week I went for a very simple Easter inspired nail design. I've seen way too many fluffy bunnies and very literal interpretations of pastel eggs on the nails throughout the past couple of weeks and although it's all in good fun, I'm just not that into Easter. With that said, I wanted to create something very wearable that merely hints the spirit of the holiday, so I came up with this colorful variation on the French Tip. I chose five pastel nail polishes (two of them I mixed) to create an array of colors on my fingertips.
Nail Polishes Used (Left to Right):
  • Duri Rejuvacote Base / Top coat-- you can see, it's almost done!
  • Sinful Colors Nail Enamel in Snow Me White (used for mixing)
  • Quirius Nail Lacquer in Jamaican Dream (mixed with Snow Me White) -- used on the pinky nail of right hand and thumb of left hand
  • Soo Nails Nail Lacquer in #s24 (mixed with Snow Me White) -- used on the ring fingers of both hands
  • Sinful Colors Nail Enamel in Unicorn -- used on the middle finger of right hand and pointer of left hand
  • Brucci Nail Hardener in Kathy's Baby Blues -- used on the pointer finger of right hand and pinky of left hand
  • Brucci Nail Hardener in French Petal -- used on the thumb of right hand and middle finger of left hand
  • Kiss Brush-On Nail Art Paint in White -- used for the thin strips at the root of the tip. This nail polish has a fine brush.
  • Gold Finger Nail Design Brush-- used to mix and paint custom colors
P. S.
In other news, I'm ├╝ber excited to have received a beautiful package containing lipsticks, lip glosses, an eyeshadow palette and primer from Lime Crime. I'm truly inspired by the colors and vibes of this whimsical indie makeup brand and cannot wait to create and share my new makeup looks using these gorgeous products. The lipsticks in the Instagram are closed for a reason--colors like this simply cannot be revealed at once!! You're just gonna have to wait till my upcoming posts to see inside the unicorns!! I'm sorry, I just had to build the suspense :)))


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