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Flawlessly Dinair-Brushed!

Bonjour mes amis! The day has finally arrived and today's post is all about perfecting that complexion and achieving flawless skin with Airbrush Makeup. You may have noticed that in my last few posts, I've been wearing custom airbrush foundation from Dinair* (which I've been testing out for a week) and today I bring you my official review! Aren't you excited?! I sure am!!

Read more to discover why!

ABOUT: Dinair has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 30 years, creating flawless looks for high definition movies and TV shows. This innovative technology can deliver a delicate porcelain finish, a sun-kissed glow, erase blemishes, or just give you a romantic flush of color. Dinair's Airbrush Makeup is hypoallergenic and creates flawless, light weight, long-lasting looks, perfect for everyday use!

Why wouldn't I be excited?! 

Before I begin my review, I'd like to give you a little background story so you can fully understand where this review is coming from. Being a girl who suffered from acne in my teenage years, I have always been hesitant and even scared to wear liquid foundation. I found that it highlighted my imperfections and aggravated my already sensitive skin, making it more acne prone and oily. Later on down the road, I discovered mineral makeup, which seemed to aid my aging hormones in calming down the breakouts, so I've stuck to that routine ever since. My young adult skin has since become less acne prone, but is still very much bipolar and likes to act out on any given occasion. I still prefer mineral and powder over liquid foundation to give me the maximum possible oil control in the T-zone while providing good coverage and wear longevity. I also heavily rely on primers, finishing powders and setting sprays to achieve the result I am comfortable with.

Having said that, I was honestly a little bit anxious and a lot-a-bit intimidated when first contacted by Dinair to review their famous airbrush kit. Of course, I was also incredibly excited and motivated to learn about airbrushing and to try something completely outside of my comfort zone. Needless to say, I had tons of questions and concerns. How will I match the foundation to my skin tone? Will airbrushing cover my imperfections? What about oil control? How will I give up my routine? One of my biggest concerns was whether or not I could actually master airbrushing. I've always had the impression that airbrushing was for the super professionals. Another major concern was finding the room; where would I keep a compressor? The word alone made me feel like it was half my size... aaah I was so naive back then lol

TODAY, these questions seem absurd and I feel like I have been reborn and reintroduced to the world of makeup, possessing THE answer to perfect skin! The ladies at Dinair have generously gifted me the knowledge and today I'm proudly sharing my amazing experience hoping it will inspire you to venture out and try it for yourself. Here's my story:

COLOR MATCHING: My initial concern was solved so fast that I barely had time to think about it; as a matter of fact, Dinair thought of it for me! Before placing an order, I was to send a makeup-less photo to determine my color range and match. Want your own free color match? Submit your photo by uploading it here at Dinair's interactive user-friendly site! Here's the makeup-less photo I used. 
  • My Skin: medium with warm yellow undertones. I have freckles on my nose, eyelids and cheekbones and a few dark spots / acne scars on my cheeks and jaw-line. My T-zone is almost always glistening, while the sides of my face are on the dry side. I tan extremely easily and very dark, thanks to my central Asian roots. 
  • My Ideal Coverage: medium to full. I like to hide my imperfections while still showing my freckles and natural skin tone. I tend to use the most foundation on my cheeks and jawline and the least on my nose and forehead.

I received my package within a week and was immediately impressed with the kit. I was so pleased and relieved to discover that the very compressor I was so afraid of was actually the size of my hand. To top that off, it was PINK, my favorite color! Thanks Dala :) Dinair offers 15 compressor colors in their personal / pro kit, including 3 animal prints... for the sexy beast within you!!
Here's my personal / pro edition kit and everything in it:
  • Pro Compressor in Pink :)
  • Pro Beauty Airbrush
  • 6 ft hose, US / Canada adaptor (not pictured)
  • 4 foundation shades (medium range)
  • 4 bonus shades (2 blushes, 1 highlight, 1 bronzer)
  • Moist & Dewy moisturizer and practice color
  • Facial Tanner & Sample Concealer
  • Brow Shadow Guide (bottom right)
  • Citrus Airbrush Cleaner
  • 3 additional colors (jet black, barely pink, peach pink)
  • Cleaning caps, spacing device, mini zipper bag, travel pouch (not pictured)
  • DVD, brochures, distance guide and practice sheets (not pictured)
Next, it was time to get acquainted and learn from the airbrush pros. I watched my Dinair instructional DVD over a couple beers and it was a Friday night well spent. I learned so much so fast that I felt completely at ease during my first airbrushing session. Within a few days, I set up my complimentary Skype lesson with Alyssa, one of Dinair's makeup artists, and she easily resolved the remaining few of my concerns. The best part about this genius service is that it is offered for free with a purchase of any of the kits. I view this aspect as pretty darn revolutionary--I don't know of any other makeup company that offers free lessons via Skype!

For the next week, I lived and breathed Dinair. Speaking of breathing, it's important to note that Dinair's foundations are water based and when exposed to air, there are no harsh fumes or pollutants. Not only are they safe for your skin, they are also safe for the environment -- Brilliant! 

The ladies at Dinair were confident that after a week of daily usage, I would become an airbrushing pro and although I was skeptical at first, they were totally right. Check out my progress:

DAYS 1-2:
  • Some hot spots on the forehead and jawline
  • Wearing Golden Olive (perhaps too red)
  • Lips and cheeks airbrushed with Peach Pink

DAYS 3-4:
  • Wearing my custom mixed foundation, thanks to Alyssa. My custom color is equal parts of Honey Beige and Dark Golden Beige. About 10-12 drops of foundation are needed for full facial coverage.
  • Much more even application with only one hot spot between my eyebrows
  • Cheeks are airbrushed with Bronze Rose

DAYS 5-7:
  • Virtually no hot spots in sight
  • My imperfections are completely covered while my freckles are still showing where I want them to appear
  • Lips and cheeks are airbrushed with a custom mix of Bronze Rose, Dark Golden Beige and Peach Pink. I'm feeling confident to venture out and create new colors!

THE BEST PART about Dinair airbrush makeup is that it doesn't look like makeup, yet it covers imperfections better than anything I've tried. Granted, my skin has been very clear, but because the foundation coverage is buildable, I am confident that it will conceal even my toughest future acne. If that's not enough, Dinair offers a paramedical foundation line specifically formulated for problematic skin, targeting everything from acne to rosacea, even covering tattoos.

MY SKIN CARE ROUTINE is now simplified and cut in half. Dinair foundations dry on contact and don't require any prep or primers. I was surprised to discover that even my oiliest zones stayed matte all day without any extra help! Just in case your skin needs that extra step, Dinair offers both shine control and moisturizers within their skin care line. They've got everything covered!

CLEANING & MAINTAINING the airbrush is easy and thoroughly explained in the DVD and brochures. The cleaning part takes a little getting used to, but it's not anything complicated nor is it a deal breaker.

  • Q: How will I match the foundation to my skin tone? -- CHECK
  • Q: How will I give up my routine? -- Easily and CHECK
  • Q: Oil control? -- CHECK
  • Q: Will airbrushing cover my imperfections? -- CHECK CHECK CHECK
  • Q: Could I master airbrushing? A: There's definitely a learning curve at first, but with a complimentary lesson from a pro, I am now very close to becoming one myself :) -- CHECK
  • Where would I keep a compressor? A: Ha! My ├╝ber cute pink compressor lives in my bathroom, on my counter where it belongs. Using it daily is so easy and addictive that I've hardly used anything else since -- CHECK

I'VE DISCOVERED that my skin has never looked more naturally flawless than when I use Dinair, yet I am using the least amount of product than I ever would with any other foundation. I can now officially call myself a convert (more like an addict) to airbrushing and will recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve that perfect, movie-star appearance.

DINAIR AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION is absolutely flawless and lightweight and does not require any primers or setting powders. The water-based formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and the wear is really impressive, eliminating the need for touch-ups for up to 24 hours. Another really exciting factor is the shelf-life of the foundations, which is something like 4-5 years thanks to the mixing ball inside of the containers. With that said, if you only want to use airbrushing for special occasions--like your prom or wedding day, for example--Dinair foundations can easily rest on their shelves, as long as the mixing ball is intact. Me? My kit isn't resting. As far as I'm concerned, this is my new go-to foundation. Don't get me wrong, I still love my mineral foundation, but I must admit that my whole outlook on facial makeup has been flipped upside down. 
On the left, I am wearing my custom mixed airbrush foundation from Dinair and on the right, I'm wearing my Bare Minerals matte foundation in Golden Medium. Although both looks appear flawless, I'm using significantly less makeup in the Dinair photo (left) and the natural texture of my skin is more evident -- I think it even makes me look younger! Furthermore, the look on the left took about 5 minutes to achieve (not counting cleaning time) whereas the look on the right took about 10 minutes and used 3 extra products: primer, veil, and fixing spray. 

Are you ready to convert to Airbrush Makeup?

Visit Dinair at www.airbrushmakeup.com and follow the company on Facebook & Twitter to learn how you can achieve your perfect complexion by being flawlessly Dinair-brushed :)))

Tomorrow, I'll be learning makeup techniques via Skype, so stay tuned for my upcoming airbrushed makeup looks!! Hope this review was helpful and detailed enough to answer all of your questions and concerns. Don't hesitate to e-mail me about any of the aforementioned.

*This product was sent for my consideration and review. I was not compensated for this review and the information stated is 100% my own, uninfluenced and unbiased opinion. I am not affiliated with Dinair. 


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