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Back to the Splash!

::Splish Splash:: is "Hello" in Mermaid!! Today's aquatic creation was inspired by 80's mermaids -- think mermaid in the city aka Daryl Hannah in Splash. This look is slightly dramatic, but nothing over the top, and can easily be toned down or worn as is on a fun summer night. P. S. I'll give you another chance to guess my eye palette :))

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Who doesn't love Splash? 
(images borrowed from Google)
How I wish I could go back in time and live through the 1980's as an adult!! I love everything about the 80's; from the music to the HAIR to the makeup to the crazy fashion. Alas, I'm a Millennial kid and can only relive my favorite era vicariously through my hair and makeup, so, with today's look, I'm paying homage to Splash and going forward to the past!

To help me get in character, I'm using...

  • Nautilus Prime (described as blurple) -- Bright, highly pigmented blue with warm undertones
  • Coral of the Story (described as true coral) -- Rich, pigmented coral with orange undertones
  • Seahorse Discourse (described as tropical green) -- Bright, pigmented lime green with gold undertones
  • Pearl-ple (described as pearlescent lilac) -- Pearly, highly pigmented rich lavender with silver undertones 
  • Atlanteal (described as seafoam blue/green) -- Bright, pigmented teal with cool silver undertones

All shades have a metallic shimmery finish with loads of sparkle, but never any fallout. This palette is my favorite of the Lime Crime palettes. I adore LC's previous (mostly) matte palettes, but this 100% shimmery collection is just magical. I'm drawn to every color -- they are just as stand-out and beautiful when worn alone as they are in combination with one another. There are tons of eye makeup possibilities with Aquataenia and that's why I'm officially claiming it as my #1 summer palette!

Remember this look? 
I used all the five shadows in the Aquataenia palette and lightly dusted them onto my lids. No other products were used underneath to enhance the colors, just LC's eyeshadow primer. My liners are Quill (black) and Orchidaceous (purple), also by Lime Crime.

Aqua Eyes Du Jour:
Shimmery Eyeshadow Tips and Tricks:
  • Always use a good primer underneath. Shimmery eye shadows tend to highlight the texture of the skin, and a prepped "canvas" will result in a smoother finish. Just like in art!
  • For extra pigmentation and opacity, apply matching color bases under the shadows to help them adhere better. I like to use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
  • Apply the shadows using patting motions, never use swiping strokes. Blend them by layering.
  • Unless you're going for a mermaid look, make sure to add a few neutral matte shades in the crease and in the outer corner. You've heard this before, and I'll say it again, you don't want to look like a disco ball... unless of course you want to.
  • Balance your sparkly look with dark eyeliner and falsies, the sharpness of the two will pull the look together.

On my eyes, I'm wearing:
  1. Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette
  2. Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
  3. Lime Crime Uniliners in:
  4. Elise Faux Lashes with Silver Tip Rhinestones #869
  5. Born Pretty Store 12 Colors 3mm Glitter Rhinestones
How-to create 80's style naturally crimped mermaid hair:
  1. Simply wash your hair and braid it while it's still damp. See my previous post for pix (I corn-rowed the top and box braided the bottom)
  2. Blow dry or use a flat iron to go over each braid... or just sleep on it (my choice)
  3. Unbraid the hair and VOILA!

Don't forget the Sparkly Mermaid Lippies:

A closer look:

Complete your 80's Mermaid look with long playful false lashes:

My Lashes: Elise Faux Lashes with Silver Tip Rhinestones #869


10% OFF Coupon: MARYAM

Price: $5.05

    There's something about these lashes... they just scream and oooze mermaid!! At least, it's how I've always imagined mermaid's lashes:

    (Image borrowed from Google)
    LeeLee thought this image was badass, so I'm leaving you with it :)) What do you think, am I mermaid material? Will you be creating your own Summer "Splash" moment?

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