Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Dream of Kashmir

First off, a HUGE Congratulations to Mary Beth Elderton for winning a brand new Dinair Airbrush System and a Special Thank You to Dinair for sponsoring my Giveaway!!! Also, Thank you to everyone who participated, stay tuned for more freebies and giveaways in the future! <3

Salut mes belles et mes beaus! Today's post is very near and dear to my heart and is a collaboration with one of my favorite jewelry brands. If you follow me on Instagram (@maryamnyc) you might have seen a few sneak peak pix and today is the day I feature what everyone's been asking about: Caviar Noir -- an avant garde jewelry line dedicated to making a statement with each piece that you wear. This post is the first installment of a series where I will be featuring unique designs by the brand I swear by, as well as coming up with makeup looks, storylines, alter-egos, and perhaps even some fashion... Read on!

Read more for pix & deets!

The star of today's show is the Antique Gold Kashmir headpiece that's guaranteed to add edginess and Eastern flair to any outfit, makeup or personality. My complementary makeup look was inspired by the exotic beauty of Kashmir and the Himalayas. I didn't want to go too literal with my interpretation, as the Kashmir region is often hard to define, so I created an exotic look that is reminiscent of Indian and/or Arabic makeup that is widely popular in Asia and beyond.
Airy Blues, Sandy Browns and Smoldering Black
To create this exotic eye look, I used similar steps that can be found in my Arabic makeup tutorial (see Arabian Nights, Arabian Days), but simplified the liner and used fewer eyeshadows. Also, instead of emphasizing my brow arch, I softened the shape to mimic the rounder eye brow style worn by Indian women. I find that this is the biggest difference between Arabic and Indian makeup.

ON MY LIPS, I'm wearing:

MY FACE is airbrushed with Dinair custom foundation
My favorite part about the Caviar Noir "Kashmir" headpiece is that it is so versatile -- it can even adorn a boring every day bun! If tunics and Arabian makeup are too exotic for your taste, try wearing "Kashmir" with a white tank top and jeans -- you'll be amazed at how glorious you'll feel and look! This stunner is definitely made for a queen and is one of my favorite pieces in the collection. I am amazed at how much wearing this headpiece boosts my confidence level!!
The secret is out! Check out Caviar Noir Jewelry for your own exotic statement piece!

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