Saturday, June 2, 2012

Light, Bright & Lovely

Mornin' y'all! Today's quick post is an up-close featuring a contrasting duo of soft baby pink eyeshadow and sharp shimmery jet black cat-eyeliner. I love this modern take on the classic pin-up eye, and I wear it almost daily. A lot of people ask about my favorite type of makeup for everyday, so I thought I'd share one of my personal classics.

Read more for a list of products and how I used them!

  • Lime Crime Palette d'Antoinette e/s in Royal Flush (matte pastel pink) -- used all over the lid and slightly above the crease. I love this color because it's slightly brighter and bolder than a typical neutral pastel pink, so it's still quite statement-making... as are all Lime Crime products :)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palettee/s in Naked (matte nude) -- used in the outer portion of the crease and blended below the inner part of the eyebrow. Naked is my go-to blending shade for the crease and I pretty much use it in every look that I create. I love it because although it's light, it makes a noticeable difference
  • Revlon Colorstay liquid linerin Shimmer Black -- an old-time favorite, this liner glides beautifully creating perfectly winged cat eyes every time. The tiny shimmer in the jet black is subtle but playful. 
  • Yanqina 2-in-1 Mascara in Black -- This mascara goes on like a gel, but builds up like wax. I like to use it when I want to create a particular shape to my lashes. In this case, I was going for spiky, sparse lashes to complement the thin liner. 

What's your everyday classic?


Maryam Maquillage


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