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Salut mes amis! It's a Monday at the work place, but it's a Friday Party on my nails!!! This nail design is not for the faint of heart -- it is loud, bright and attention grabbing. In the past few days of wearing this creative manicure, I've received nearly a hundred comments from women, men, children & strangers on the subway asking to see my nails. I'd say this nail art is definitely a conversation starter!! Like the idea? 

Read more to see how it's done!

Paint splatter nails have been popping up quite frequently in the beauty blogosphere and fashion venues. I generally tend to stay away from trends, but I couldn't resist the art aspect of this one -- I just had to try it. My spin on the paint splatter nails was inspired by neon street graffiti (image from Google) and Jackson Pollock textured "drip painting" artworks (fragment below; my personal photo taken at the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

 My Tools:
Back row:

PAINT SPLATTER NAILS HOW-TO: Best part of this nail art is that you can be MESSY... and the messier, the better!!!
  1. Paint one coat of white polish over your clear base coat.
  2. Using larger dotting tools, stamp a few base dots using blue and neon nail polishes.
  3. Blow some air on the dots either through a straw or using an airbrush (see below for your chance to win one). This technique should transform the dots into puddles and/or splatters. Allow a few minutes to dry.
  4. Take a smaller dotting tool with less nail polish and stamp some accent dots using gold and white nail polishes.
  5. Utilize a thicker old white nail polish to create stringy paint drips / strokes. Pick up the brush allowing the polish to slide off back into the bottle. Run your nails directly under the brush through the remaining thin "fibers" of the polish to create paint drips. You can clean off the fibers off your fingers with a q-tip.
  6. Allow the layers to dry completely and finish the manicure with a clear top coat.

    *ACCENT NAILS HOW-TO: (This nail design worn by Cassie was requested by Sandra)
    1. Take a small piece of tape, fold it in half and tape the edges. Cut a narrow diagonal through the crease to cut out an acute triangle shape. 
    2. Tape the triangle to the root of your nail, with the point touching the root of the tip.
    3. Use any neon polish to paint directly over the tape stencil and wait for the polish to dry completely before peeling off the tape. Finish with a top coat.

    Looking for truly NEON nail polish?
    Born Pretty Store* has a huge array of Fluorescent Neon Nail Polish colors that also glow in UV / LED Light = Perfect for a rave!!
    1. Glow in UV / LED Light Fluorescent Neon Nail Polish in #4 (neon pink) -- *neon is tough to photograph, especially next to other neon, so the pink and red look virtually the same in photos :/
    2. Glow in UV / LED Light Fluorescent Neon Nail Polish in #9 (neon green) 
    3. Glow in UV / LED Light Fluorescent Neon Nail Polish in #1 (neon red) -- worn on my toes

    PRICE (for each): $4.99 (wholesale options available)

    PURCHASE: (exclusive 10% off coupon: MARYAM5W21)

    DESCRIPTION & VERDICT: These nail polishes are not just truly fluorescent and neon, they also glow under UV / LED lights. I haven't personally tested this out, but if you follow the links above, you'll see photo examples of each. The neon pink and red need only 1-2 coats to be completely opaque, whereas the neon green is much more sheer. In the first photo, I'm wearing 4 coats on my accent nail and if you look closely, you can still see where the tip of my nail starts. This is a bit of a drawback, but not a complete deal breaker, because the polish is buildable and dries very quickly.

    Use my exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the Born Pretty Store website. Start shopping by clicking on the coupon link above or follow my banner on the sidebar. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :)) Happy Shopping!

    Check out the gorgeous neon red (#1) on my toesies and neon pink (#4) on my right hand accent nail :)
    Sorry, no maquillage, just freckles and nail polish splatter :))




    Maryam Maquillage


    *The product/s in this post were sent by said company for my use and consideration. I was not paid for this review and the information stated is solely my opinion.

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