Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Rose Garden

Salut mes amis!!!

How do you like my rose garden? I grew (and drew) it myself :))) I've seen this design on a few different blogs over the past month or so and decided to give it a try as well, seeing how I couldn't possibly figure out a way to make that base green polish look cool by itself. I dotted on the "roses" using a peach and lavender nail polish, then detailed the shadows or "petals" with a red and purple nail polish, respectively. To make the detailing lines fine, I applied the polish with a toothpick and also used Sally Hansen nail art pen in black. The following two pix were taken with my iphone camera, under fluorescent lighting in the bus, so the colors are pretty true to life.

Check out the rest of the pix!

Surprisingly, I found this design very wearable. The color combination isn't very bright from afar, so it totally matches any outfit or style. In the week of playing in my "rose garden", I found that this nail design made me feel incredibly whimsical -- it added funk to everyday outfits and made formal ones more playful and fun. I got tons of compliments and am very inspired to try another design... any ideas?


Maryam Maquillage

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