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Ni-hao EYES Hola LIPS

Ni-hao & Hola!

Thank you everyone for your love and support!!! I'm ecstatic and want to say hooray & cheers to my 300 followers!!! You guys are the best :D oxoxox

Celebrating with a long and detailed post hahaha!!!

I thought it'd be only appropriate to follow up my sans eyeshadow post with a full on bright one, implementing the BIG EYE ʘ‿ʘ technique. This time, I'm applying the makeup with the asian eye in mind, I want to highlight the natural cut and make the most of the almond shape. Plus, I'll be demonstrating my favorite trick for fuller lippies, inspired by JLo. If you like what you see in the preview, go ahead and read on!

In this post you'll find:

  • step-by-step makeup tutorial / how-to
  • photos and lists of products / cosmetics used
  • makeup tips and techniques for asian eyes
  • tips for wearing blue eyeshadow
  • Maryam's lip trick
  • pix & much more :)


The Look: This color combo is very similar to my Teal Appeal makeup look, however, the technique and the application are very different. I created this one with an emphasis on the asian eye using my previous post's big eye technique. This look is perfect for a day to evening transition and can be worn casually as well as in the after hours. 

Products Used: (eyes)
click to zoom in

Makeup How-to: Prime your lids with a base or a primer (sorry, forgot to include my NYX white base in the pic)
  1. Apply a sky blue shadow all over your lid staying under the crease (no crease--no worries, just stop at about 5-10 mm). Use a flat brush and patting motions to help the shadow stick to the base.
  2. Take a pale lavender shadow on a fluffy round brush and apply it to the edge of the blue (or your crease) using windshield wiper motions. 
  3. Using the same brush, take a darker purple color and apply it to the outer portion of your crease, lifting the corner toward the outer edge of your eyebrow. This will create a cat eye shape that is perfect for enhancing asian eyes.
  4. Clean your brush and soften the edges of the purple by following the edges and "erasing" the harsh line. 
  5. Using any brush, apply a highlighter (UD--Virgin) to the high point under your brow and to the inner corner of your eye.
  6. Line the bottom lash line using a black liner pencil and extend it out following its natural curve
  7. Using a purple shadow on a smudge brush, roughly smudge out the line (you don't want it neat).
  8. Line the top lash line with your gel or cream liner and connect with the bottom line you just created.
  9. Optional step: Draw vertical "lashes" under your real bottom lashes using the remaining liner on your brush. Line the waterlines with a nude pencil. For a detailed demonstration, click here!
  10. Curl your lashes and apply a coat of black mascara to the top lashes. Apply purple mascara to the bottom lashes.
Blue eyeshadow can be tricky: pair it with a cool purple for a balanced look

Tips for monolids: using a darker shadow around the blue creates the illusion of a crease; lifting the outer edge of the shadow makes the eye optically wider at the outer corner

Maryam's lip trick: (Got this one from JLo ;) Line the lips with a neutral lip liner, a light brown or nude and smudge it with your finger. Fill in the inner part of the mouth (bottom center of top lip and top center of bottom lip) with a pale pink or white liner and smudge / blend with the nude. Apply nude lipstick and gloss, or skip the lipstick and just apply the gloss as per JLo. I've seen her use this trick so many times, I think it's become her staple.

I went for the nude lipstick with gloss over. To complete the look, I used: NYX lipliner in Soft Brown; MAC amplified creme lipstick in Underplay; Neutrogena moisture shine gloss in Groove

Hope you likey :)


Maryam Maquillage


  1. Super cute! i love the colors you used.


  2. Thanks for sharing that lip trick. Jennifer Lopez is so incredibly gorgeous, isn't she??

  3. i love the color of the eyeshadow u used.... and i really love the color of your lips eeeemmmmm i want to try that colour?

    i believe that your much more stunning than jay lo? i truly do your features r kick ass!


  4. Gorgeous look..Love the colours combination that you used..

    Thank you so much for your kind comment..Really appreciate what you say to me..^_^..

  5. I love the blue! the color combo is great, really suits you!

  6. love the eye makeup..for some reason blue eyeshadow looks bad on me..but i will try this.

  7. you look fab~~~so pretty~~~i luv blue/lilac on you~~~


  8. gorrrrrgeous! you pull off any look. and with that j.lo picture you sort of resemble her haha :)

  9. so nice! I love all colours on you =)

  10. thanks for the sweet comment, you're stunning <3

  11. love the vibrnacy of this look! i need to start using color more! great look, you are beautiful!

  12. thanks sooo much everyone!
    @Mandy: Yes, I love JLo lol
    @E7: thnx hunny buns, you make me blush!! ox
    @Asta: definitely try the blue in combination w another color and post some pix!! I'm sure it will work :)))
    @Donna: lol thanx girl, in that pic, JLo is doing the evil eyebrow thing comme moi haha

  13. You look fantastic as usual. Great items and how-to. Congrats on hitting 300! It is very much, much deserved.

  14. J lo is so pretty! Love your blog follow mine and I'll return the favor!

  15. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s <3
    on 300 followers woot woot amazing you def deserve it!!!
    love the look gorgeous as always :)

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  17. Congrats to your 300 followers! I love this look! You look so beautiful.


  18. Congrats doll!
    Love this look!! I seriously am in love with the teal and purple look! I would say that great minds think alike~

  19. wow! you look great in those blue color~~
    me will look so weird >.<

  20. 300! Yeah! Wonderful!
    It also reminds me of the movie "300". Cool!

    Always remember:
    All of us are always here to love you, and support you.

  21. thanks ladies and gents! I really appreciate all your support!!! oxox

  22. it is similar to mine haha! I like your better though, very pretty :)

  23. wow this is amazing, love how thorough you are explaining things too :) x

  24. ive gotta try the nude lips look...didn't realize jlo does that look a lot.. but it looks good on u! love the colors here as well!..must try it..

  25. Luv this look. The pastel color looks beautiful on you. You must join the Makeupbee community. Everyone will luv your looks!

  26. I think it is rather easy to see from the other comments as well that this post is well written and useful. I will definitely bookmark your site.


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