Sunday, January 8, 2012

Neutrals on the Edge

Bonjour mes belles!!

In today's post, I'm featuring a wearable, every day makeup and nails ensemble perfect for any occasion: work, school, weekend, whatever. I wear neutrals more often than I wear brights, so I wanted to showcase a few tiny nuances that take classic makeup and manicures from boring to special. Here's a preview:
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1. Add DRAMA to any makeup look with a sharp winged out cat-eye
  • CAT EYE HOW-TO: using a gel liner on a fine brush and starting at the outer corner of your eye, extend your lower lash line toward the brow and stop at about 8 mm to 1.5 cm; next, close your eye half way and extend the inner part of the upper lash line starting at the center of the lid and following a straight upward line to meet with the extended lower lash line. Fill in the triangle gap and voila! 

2. Use contrasting eye shadows to create DEPTH with contouring
  • CONTOURING TIP: Avoid sharp lines by using the right tools--a soft, fluffy, dome shaped brush will do the trick. After applying a shimmery lid color, layer the contrasting crease colors, starting with the lightest eyeshadow (closest to your skin tone). Use windshield wiper motions to apply and small circles to blend.



    3. Add a non-traditional tip to your French manicure
    • FRENCH NAILS TIP: Choose a base color that is similar to your skin tone or lighter to elongate the appearance of your fingers. Go for a muted pale gray or nude with lavender undertones for an even edgier French manicure.
    • CHEVRONS--Use a fine brush to paint the chevrons: starting at the outer root of the tip, drag the brush to the center of the nail's edge, then repeat on the other side.
    • Finish the manicure with a top coat

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