Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who Doesn't Love a Good Bargain?! (pt. 2)

Hi guys :)) The above pic is a collection of current MAC lipsticks from my recent Cosmetics Company Outlet MAC mini-haul. As you know, I've been spending some time in PA, so whenever I'm there, I go on a makeup shopping binge at this amazing discount cosmetics store. The CCO carries many luxury brands including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc. and is usually stocked with discontinued or overstocked products. Every now and then, however, the outlet gets a shipment of current, highly sought-after items, such as Impassioned lipstick--I can't tell you how many times it's been sold out at my local MAC counter--and now, I CAN FINALLY CALL MYSELF A PROUD OWNER!!! YES!!! Anyway, I really feel like I made out like a makeup bandit, so I had to share this proud moment with you guys :)) 

P. S. I've blogged about the CCO before, but this is the first time I discovered items that are so current and in-demand. So, if you live in the States and have been looking for some Violetta or Impassioned, now you know where to go :))

Keep reading to see the rest of my haulage!!

The lipsticks I got cost $10.25 at the CCO, saving me over $4 per lipstick. I prefer the amplified creme finish the most--I think most people do, it's the best for your buck--and this time, all four lipsticks I purchased are indeed amplified... yay!!
  • Violetta--amplified creme-- I first saw this one on my beauty blogger friend Nancy and had to have it immediately. The shade is a warm violet-purple with an iridescent sheen and subtle two-tone shimmer. I'm pretty sure this lipstick would look great on most skin tones, especially on girls with green eyes, the only question is: do you dare? pfff... I sure as heck do!!
  • Gaga 2--amplified creme-- Another "corpse bride" type of color that may not be for everyone's taste, but I friggin' love it!!! I'm big into nudes and beiges, and this Viva Glam lipstick from the Lady Gaga 2 Collection is all that and then some. Since this color is on the pale side of beige, my winter skin is probably the darkest skin tone that could handle a lipstick this light. I definitely can't see myself wearing this when I'm tan; but, since it's snowing out, why NOT :))
  • Impassioned--amplified creme-- I've been wanting this lipstick since I saw it on my fellow beauty bloggers Laiqah and Lilit (you can read my frantic comments on their blog posts). Let me tell you, Impassioned is even more gorgeous and perfect than I imagined it would be... it is one of those colors that beautifies and lifts the face in an instant. I'd describe it as part watermelon, part pink, and a whole lotta fresh and juicy!! yeah, sounds about right...
  • Morange--amplified creme-- This awesome hot orange lipstick has been on my wish list for quite some time. I've seen it on the pages of many beauty bloggers, worn by Asian and darker skin toned girls alike, and I have to say, I'm a huge fan. I'd love to pair Morange with a slick cat eye, a big high bun and a white tee. I can't wait till spring!!
Here I am, proudly wearing my new Gaga 2 over NYX lipliner in Natural :)) I know it's quite light, especially considering my minimal makeup in the picture, but just imagine it paired with a dramatic smokey eye or a colorful eyeshadow combo. I think it would work quite nicely :))

My Russian-style hat thingy is really my rabbit-fur scarf, I've been wearing it incessantly, like a true Russky... sue me!

Last but not least: MAC Smokey Thrillseekers pigments / glitter set, also begotten from my beloved CCO :))) At 2.5 g each, these containers are smaller than full size pigments, but are absolutely worth it (even at the original price of $32, as one full size goes for nearly $20), though I was lucky to get this whole set for $22.75 or less than $5 per pigment. SCORE!!!

    •  Left to right: Naked, Jigs & Jive, Dark Soul, Blue Brown, Reflects Blackened Red (glitter)
I'll do the swatches and makeup looks using the lipsticks and pigments in the upcoming posts, so stick around :)) For now, a trivia question: 

Who recognizes these famous stairs and can tell me which American city they're located in?

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