Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A la Russe

Дорогие Друзья!! (Dear Friends!!)

Today's special post is dedicated to my family, friends, and fellow beauty lovers from all over the world. A couple of weeks ago I was very lucky to win a makeup giveaway from the awesome Alx of, and thought what better way to show my appreciation than to do a look using all the products. My package was sent from Canada and although we're neighbors, Alx is still one of my international friends. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm all about different cultures, languages, etc., so today's look is culture-inspired to celebrate my readers across the globe. Before I tell you what my look is, can you guess from the picture which culture I'm portraying?

YES, in case I wasn't too obvious, my makeup/style theme for the day is representing the Russian culture. As many of you know, I was born in Russia and came to New York with my parents when I was little, so the Russian culture is my very first culture. I know I may not be the most stereotypically Russian looking girl you've ever seen (see The Eurasian for more info) but keep in mind that Russia is not only huge, but is also home to over 160 different ethnic groups including mine. With that said, on to my maquillage!! (pronounced "ma-ki-yaj", meaning makeup in French and Russian)
This look was created using all the products I won in Alx's Elf Cosmetics giveaway, plus some of my own MAC and NYX glitter. The eyeshadow palette included a really vibrant blue that inspired this Russian makeup look. In my opinion, Russian women wear blue eyeshadow better than anyone, always managing to make it look rich and opulent. I tend to shy away from blue, so I used this concept as an excuse to try something different :))

Here's everything I won and used for this look, excluding my face makeup, glitter, mascara and eyeliner:
  • Elf 24 eyeshadow palette--eye shadows used for this look are marked with "M"
  • Elf bronzing quad in Warm--perfect for contouring and highlighting
  • Elf blush in Mellow Mauve--love this wintry blush color :)
  • Elf false eyelashes--extra dramatic and dense
  • Elf Powder Brush--I love Elf brushes
  • Elf Contouring Brush--ditto
  • Elf Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15--been wearing this one every day since I got the package
  • Elf eyelash curler--awesome!
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny lip gloss--Thanks Alx for this extra gift!! I love it :)))
Glitter Used:

    To achieve this look:
    1. Prime your eyes with a base or primer. I used NYX white base
    2. Using a flat shader brush, apply the bright blue eyeshadow all over your lid and slightly above the crease.
    3. Using a contouring brush, apply a navy blue eyeshadow to the outer corner and outer crease of your eye and blend out the edges using a clean fluffy brush.
    4. Apply a shimmery pale pink eyeshadow to the inner corner and inner crease of the eye to blend out the blue.
    5. Line just the outer wing of your eye with a black liner and smudge some liner under the lower lash line.
    6. Apply a darker purple on top of the smudged liner under the lower lash line and a lighter purple eyeshadow to the inner portion.
    7. Finish the look with glitter on top of the blue (MAC reflects teal) and glitter liner (NYX passion) on top the purple eye shadows.
    8. Add the falsies and some mascara to complete the eye look.
    Moi--a la Russe
    Wearing my Russian antiquities :)

    Special Thanks to Alx for this awesome prize!!! 


    Maryam Maquillage


    Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


    1. u look stunning, :) i love that fur jacket and the scarf its a match made in heaven i really like it.


      kisses happy new year

    2. Stunning I love the colours that you used for this look!

    3. Russian no? Lol ur my half flip sister..hahaha...u look gorg as always! :) love d colors!

    4. I tend to shy away from blues, as well. You wear them so well. I like how you pointed out that when Russian women wear blue, it is rich and opulent... maybe I just need to wear it more like them and then it wouldn't look so bad on me :-)

    5. Beautiful Russian princess!
      The blue brings out the gorgeousness in you!
      Please may I have your coat and scarf? :)

    6. I LOVE your eyes! Such a stunning look! And congrats on your win!

    7. You look absolutely stunning! I tend to shy away from blue myself as I can never pull off that color. Amazing look as always dear.

    8. Stunning!!! Absolutely Stunning!!

    9. Back to the roots, right? Gorgeous! :-)

    10. I love blue eye shadow, but I don't think I can pull it off all that great unless I have a tan. That color looks really hot on you. I love the subtle glitter too.


    11. I love these colors! You look gorgeous!

      haha polish pronunciation of 'makeup' is the same :D

    12. Säläm Maryam. Küzlerin küp güzäl.

      Perverdikyer rehima, kudretin kin, hudaya, Min biçara kulma rehim kılsan, hudaya. Tahircannın hesretin bar kılıp sen, hudaya; Açık yüzin kürmege zar kılıp sen, hudaya. Mehebbetim yarasın birsen iken, hudaya, Gıyşık utın Maryam hem kürse iken, hudaya. Gıyşkım çigip kürmese, ul kaderimni bilmestir; Gaşıyklarnın süzini kulağına ilmestir.

    13. I'm out of words!
      You look so amazing in every look you post, I just don't know what to say anymore!

    14. loving the look! this blue shade really suits your complexion, looks good

    15. I really like the look! I like blue eyeshadows, and I think it's sad that it's so ostracised :( Well maybe people's opinion will change after seeing your look!

    16. Beautiful!! love the scarf! and the glitter!

    17. Beautiful look and great inspiration! <3

    18. beautiful look! i love the purple on the lower lashline!!

    19. Your look is beautiful in this posting!!! I love how you tied in your culture, it gives the content a special touch. (:

    20. I seriously love what you did with the eyeshadows. Gorgeous!

    21. Thank you so much everyone!!! xoxoxoxox's

    22. OMG!!..Gorgeous look..I love it..Love the color combination that you used hun..

      Happy New You to you hun..God bless you always..^_^..

    23. the colors and look are gorgeous omg love it you're soo good at everything you do there's not one makeup look that I dont like !!!

    24. Gorgeous! I can't wear blue ether, but you have pulled it off magnificently!

    25. Beautiful make up!! It's bold but not too much!

    26. You are amazing, this makeup look is beautiful, and I love all things Russian <3

    27. U are so welcome!! N omg as always u look sooooo tunning!!. I was gonna guess Hispanic;), because I was born in Venezuela , South America and ur scarf reminded me of my culture but I'm so Asian-ized now lol ( if that's even a word? Mmmm)... I love how ur lighting looks in all ur picture! Soo pretty!!


    28. I like your Russian look and the Russian culture too :)

    29. That eye makeup is stunning! I am just learning how to really apply eyeshadow and blush (I JUST started wearing lipstick last month---naturally, I started with a bubblegum pink, LOL!).

      With Class & Sass,

    30. i really like your blog mabe you can watch at my blog
      (sorry may english is not so good i am from Germany:)

    31. I adore this look! You look like a Russian doll! And you carry the blue off so well!

    32. wow lucky girl! congratulations!!!! i love this blue color and i love how you match it with your lips.. amazing! you're such a great with makeup!!! xoxo, Haus of Gala

    33. i love that blue on your brown eyes!!! congrats on that win, looks like a nice haul :)

    34. I absolutely love this look! So beautiful! The blue is gorgeous on you.

    35. this baby blue is nothing but love to me! and it worked so well with your brown eyes, along with those super long falsies! yummie eyes is what this is!!/Azure

    36. Love the blue of the eyes ! :)

    37. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!!! :-) :-)


    38. So gorgeous! I love the glitter underneath :)

    39. You look fantastic in those photos! Love the look!

      I just stumbled upon your blog today and am a new subscriber!

    40. Hi,

      Am a new follower .. followed to from Lilit's blog..
      Love love your EOTD and you look stunning in the pics :)

    41. yay, i guessed it right! ;)

      you look really beautiful and you're so talented with makeup! oh and congratulations on winning alx's giveaway!

      <3, Mimi

    42. thank you for your opinion :))
      beautiful eyes!

    43. I loved these lashes :)) Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    44. Gorgeous eyes and the scarf is beautiful!! Great look! If you get a chance check my blog at would love to have you join!!

    45. Congratulations on your winning a makeup giveaway. Believe me I guessed the nationality correctly ! The beautiful colorful scarf & the fur coat let out the secret. Wow. What a gorgeous start to 2012. Sensational rocking blue eyes & elegantly aesthetic ethnic outfit.
      I love Russian women - they are so beautiful. The women's international tennis circuit is full of Russian beauties.

    46. Gorgeous! I love the bright blue and the glitter! I really like the scarf, is it actually from Russia?

      1. Thanks love!! Yes, this is a typical Russian wool shawl, its only made by one company called pavlovo-posad, my aunt ordered it for me from their catalog :)) unfortunately they don't ship outside of Russia though... But I love them, they come in all sorts of colors with the most common being red :)) I want a turquoise one so badly!!

    47. just reading through your blog... ;)

      btw, "ma-ki-yaj" is the Polish way of pronouncing it as well ;) only it's spelled makijaż :)


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