Sunday, November 27, 2011


Salut mes belles!

As many of you know, (being Russian and all) I'm quite obsessed with the leopard print... I own a ton of leopard patterned scarves, dresses, tops, shoes, wallets, nail strips etc. and I really don't care if some think of it as tacky hehe... I'm proud of my leopard addiction and refuse to go to rehab!! Last night, I was feeling animalistic once again, and decided to go all out by wearing my favorite pattern on top of my favorite pattern i. e. leopard on leopard :)) Voila!
 Read more to find out what triggered my addiction!!

A few years ago, my Parisian friends threw me a leopard-theme goodbye party for my departure back to New York... My friend Ilan (center back) inspired the theme with his loathing of anything leopard, so we crowned him the Leopard Diva of the night. We decorated my friend Elvina's apartment in all things leopard, dressed up in appropriate dresses and celebrated the night away. Later, we roamed the streets of Paris and scared off nearly every single passerby with our animal ways lol... aaaah the memories :)))
With my Russian bestie Elvina--From Russia with Leopard LOVE
After leaving Paris, I immediately went to visit my family in Russia and was pleasantly surprised to find my bed made up in leopard sheets. The rest is history :)))

Maryam Maquillage


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