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Rockin' Organix!

Hello old friends and new!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and feel happy, healthy and rejuvenated. I feel rejuvenated and excited, hence my makeup of the day is bright and funky. Today's post is very special and my makeup is exciting for a good reason. In this post, I'm featuring a look I created using eye shadows sent to me by Zosimos Botanicals--a cruelty-free Green cosmetics company I'm proud to present and review here today! Who said natural makeup has to be barely there and unnoticeable?! I'm here to set the record straight: mineral/organic makeup can be as fun, bright, edgy and creative as any other leading makeup brand, only it is better for you because it is free of nasty chemicals, parabens, and other toxins. Voila--yet another reason to convert to Green :))
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Zosimos Botanicals eco-friendly mineral makeup & natural skincare is made by hand, at the time when customers order, providing the freshest makeup and skincare available. Everything is created in small, quality-controlled batches using only the purest essential oils, waxes, herbs, fruit extracts and floral waters. This company is so dedicated to environmental causes and social responsibility that even its studio is 100% wind-powered! With everything going on in the world, I'm so glad for companies like Zosimos that get it right! Two thumbs up for environmental consciousness!!

For my review, I received a set of 10 minipinch eye shadows for brown eyes ($30) and 1 full size eyeshadow in Cobalt ($14). Zosimos Botanicals offer 2 eye shadow sizes (minipinch for $3 or full size for $14) and several minipinch sets for different eye colors (including blue, green, hazel, brown, dark brown and universal) as well as other combos. As mentioned before, Zosimos eyeshadows are made from certified organic materials, so you're guaranteed to receive pure quality every time (trust me, I tried it :)
The colors are so rich and pigmented that they don't even need swatches--they show up just as they look in the package--bright, intense, shimmery and extra pigmented. My favorite colors from the 11 that I received are all 11 of them (they're that good :) and this is how I would describe them:
  • Redbud, a unique reddish brown duo tone with greenish sparkles
  • Amethyst, a perfectly versatile deep purple with a matte finish
  • Cobalt, an intense shimmery bright blue with a serious POW factor
  • Lemonzest, a stunning high yellow with golden sparkles
  • Daylily, a better-than-your-skin shimmery nude
  • Teal, a graffiti bright true teal with a shimmery finish
  • Kelp, a muted dark olive with teal sparkles
  • Peony, a pretty medium pink perfect for every girl
  • Pink Hilite, a lovely complex duo tone highlight color
  • Pansy, a soft lavender with a semi matte finish
  • Sapphire Blue, a wearable medium blue with a shimmery finish

Each Minipinch eye shadow comes individually wrapped and includes a bamboo handle sponge applicator. How cute!!
The earthy pouch holding the set is perfect for gift giving and/or storage! Such a nice touch :))
Final Thoughts: I am truly impressed and amazed by the love put into these products. From the moment I received the 100% recyclable box containing the products, I knew there was a caring person behind the craftsmanship and detailing of every aspect of this brand. I've tried many mineral / organic makeup brands and none of them compare to the quality of Zosimos Botanicals makeup. I was incredibly surprised by the pigmentation and richness of these eye shadows--I never thought mineral makeup could be so bright and intense. In turn, I conceptualized my makeup look from the notion that one doesn't have to be an earthy flower child to wear Green Cosmetics--that's why I'm ROCKIN'-ROLLIN' it!!!

On to the Maquillage!!
For this look, I used every eyeshadow from the Brown Eye Set plus the Cobalt. I wanted to show the intensity and pigmentation of the products, so I went ahead and got creative! 
  • Lid --> Amethyst
  • Crease --> Redbud (outer) & Peony (inner)
  • Brow Bone --> Daylily
  • Highlight Under Brow --> Pink Hilite
  • Inner Corner --> Pink Hilite, Pansy (tear duct), Lemonzest & Daylily (nose contour)
  • Lower Lash Line --> Sapphire Blue (inner), Teal & Kelp (center), Cobalt (outer)
  • Eyebrow Extension --> Teal, Lemonzest (under)
Duplicating this look may be a bit difficult, so instead I'll give you tips and suggestions on how to use pigments or loose powder shadows.

TIP #1: Use a sticky base as a primer for the loose eyeshadow particles to adhere to
 TIP #2: For best results, apply your pigments using a flat stiff brush and patting motions
TIP #3: Blend loose eye shadows by layering the two over each other using patting motions
TIP #4: Apply your eye makeup before the rest of your makeup to easily wipe off any fallout or simply place a tissue under your eyes to catch the fallout while applying the powder shadows
TIP #5: To enhance your look, use pigment eye shadows to highlight other features--cheekbones, cupid's bow, nose bridge, etc. P. S. I'm wearing Lemonzest on the tops of my cheekbones
TIP #6: Use pigment eye shadows for your evening looks--they will last all night!
TIP #7: Pigment eye shadows look great in pictures, no matter the quality of the picture :)
 What are your thoughts on GREEN cosmetics or any of the aforementioned? Let's talk :))


Maryam Maquillage


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