Thursday, November 24, 2011

Festive Thankful Nails

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!

As a special Thanksgiving feature, I'm showcasing these awesomely festive nail foils from KKcenterHK, an online beauty supply store based out of Hong Kong and one that I'm sure many of you are familiar with. In today's post, I'm also taking the time out to say thank you to the amazing people I met through blogging, particularly all of my international blogger friends and makeup representatives. A special thanks goes out to my friends at KKcenterHK for sponsoring so many of my posts and sending me such awesome products. You guys are the best!!
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Product & Description: Flower Pattern Nail Patch #93 Long-wear nail stickers
Advertisement: Nail Foils is a revolutionary, easy-to-use nail system that delivers unbelievably gorgeous nails in minutes
Application: Detailed instructions and application tips are printed on the back of the package. 
Claims: 11 day wear; 100% shiny; zero drying time; zero smudging
Contents: 16 pieces of stickers for nails or toes
Price: $5.48
This is my second set of nail patches (initial review here) and I can now give you my tried and tested verdict about this product. 

Claim: The patches last up to 11 days
Verdict: TRUE. If applied correctly, the patches will last longer than a week. Application time is relatively quick, but it's tricky because the foils will bubble and come off if they're not smoothed out over the nail. In my initial trial, I wasn't very careful, so 3 out of my 10 nails bubbled and came off after 5 days of wear. Obviously, I couldn't walk around with 3 bare nails, so I peeled off the rest of the stickers.
Claim: Easy and quick application
Verdict: TRUE / FALSE. As mentioned before, the application is rather easy but it isn't quick if you want it to be easy. So, if you need it to be easy, you better take your time and spend at least 2 minutes per nail. The good part is that it gets easier once you get the hang of it! With this second set, only one of my nail foils bubbled, so I'll just replace it with one of the extras once it comes off.
Claim: Wide selection of designs compared to similar products
Verdict: TRUE and Absolutely true. KKcenterHK has a near never-ending selection of nail foils and patches with floral, geometric, graphic and animal print patters, as well as simple pure color patches. The ones I chose to feature today are absolutely perfect for a fun and festive Thanksgiving celebration and I can't wait to let them shine while I carve my Turkey :)) I particularly love the fact that the pattern on each nail foil is different.
Claim: 100% shiny; zero drying time; zero smudging
Verdict: TRUE. These nail stickers are very similar to celeb favorite Minx nails due to their high metallic shine and chrome quality. Given the fact that they are stickers, there is no drying time, no smudging, and no nasty synthetic smells (obviously).

I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for a quick nail wardrobe change, as well as new moms, busy working girls, and anyone who loves nail art but isn't a nail artist :)))

SPECIAL: Use my exclusive 10% off coupon good for any merchandise from the KKcenterHK website :)) This coupon ends February 28, 2012, so start shopping by clicking on the coupon link above. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout :))
 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!


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