Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disco-Bling Nail Foils

Salut les filles :))

Today, I'm reviewing some awesome nail stickers (foils) sent to me by my friends at KKcenterHK. This disco-ball inspired nail design is blingin', fabulous and oh-so-much fun--it literally screams for itself :))
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Product & Description: Nail Patch #W014 Long-wear nail stickers
Advertisement: Nail Foils is a revolutionary, easy-to-use nail system that delivers unbelievably gorgeous nails in minutes
Application: Detailed instructions and application tips are printed on the back of the package. 
Claim: 11 day wear; 100% shiny; zero drying time; zero smudging
Contents: 16 pieces of stickers for nails or toes
Price: $5.48
comes in a sealed package to preserve quality

  • beautiful design and variety (from funky and metallic to neutral and wearable)
  • wide selection of designs compared to similar products
  • perfect for a quick nail "wardrobe change"
  • easy to cut and customize
  • fast & simple application
  • comes with 6 extra stickers 
  • claims to last up to 11 days
  • affordable

  • may bubble if applied incorrectly (see picture below)
  • rough edges (can be smoothed with top coat)

  • take your time when smoothing out the sticker to minimize the appearance of bubbles
  • file the nail tip downwards rather than side to side to keep the edge smooth
MY EXPERIENCE: Overall, I think these nail stickers are pretty darn handy, and I cannot wait to try on my next set! The shiny finish and metallic quality of these foils remind me of celeb favorite Minx nails and happens to be a terrific substitute and/or cheaper alternative to Minx. This product is suitable for anyone who likes nail art but isn't a nail artist... or anyone who doesn't have hours to spend on nails. Even though I love to do my own nail art, I would definitely keep these around for the times I need a quick nail "wardrobe change", as I did last night before heading to a semi-professional cocktail event. I particularly love the design of this set because it it equally fun and wearable at the same time. I felt absolutely comfortable wearing this style in a formal setting and will have no problem matching these nails to any outfit for the next few days. Stay tuned while I test the lasting quality of these--I will have my verdict in my next nail foil post :))

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Practically Minx!!!
These nails were made to match un verre du vin :))

Maryam Maquillage


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