Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jewel Tones & Precious Stones

Salut mes amis :))

October has come and gone and November is officially here to bring 2011 closer and closer to the end. How quickly time flies--it seems just yesterday I was blogging about the beginning of summer, beach days, tan skin, and bright colors... Oh well... Now I get to talk about autumn colors!! I'm starting the month off by whipping out my Urban Decay Naked Palette (last month I've been challenging myself to use other products and I've missed my baby) and reviving my plummy, fall appropriate smokey eye and glossy lip. Here's a simple makeup look & jewel tone ensemble I wore last week to my bday dinner with my besties. 
Read more for pix, deets, & how-to :)

To create this eye look, I used several eyeshadows from the Naked Palette:
  • Toasted (Lid)
  • Darkhorse (Outer "V")
  • Hustle (Crease)
  • Buck & Naked (Brow bone)
  • Virgin (Inner Corner & Highlight under brow)
My eyeliners: 
  • Clinique brush-on cream liner in True Black 
  • Laura Mercier pencil liner in Black Gold (lower lash line and waterline)

  1. Prime your lids using Urban Decay primer potion or any other primer.
  2. Apply Toasted to your lid with a flat brush and patting or swiping motions. This color is very pigmented and rich so you don't need a lot of product.
  3. Take a fluffy dome brush and apply Hustle to your crease, using windshield wiper motions and blending it with Toasted. This color is more muted, so it needs to be built up by layering. 
  4. Use a small pencil brush to define the outer "V" of your eye with Darkhorse and blend it out.
  5. Take Buck and Naked on a fluffy dome brush and apply it to the edge of Hustle and above, all the way up to your brow bone using windshield wiper motions.
  6. Highlight your inner corner and high point under the brow using Virgin.
  7. Line your waterline and entire lower lash line with a shimmery brown pencil liner and set it with either Darkhorse or Hustle.
  8. Line your top lash line with a black gel liner on a brush and extend the inner and outer wings. Connect the top liner with the bottom liner on both inner and outer corners for an exotic eye.
  9. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
I finished off the look with a neutral lip liner and gloss on top. On my cheeks I'm wearing MAC On A Mission blush (my perfect plummy fall cheek color) and Nars Albatross as a highlighter on the tops on my cheekbones. My onyx necklace is from Bashkortostan :) 
I love jewel tones & precious stones for fall and this season I'm going for opal (my birth stone), onyx, emerald, jade, plum, turquoise, aubergine, amethyst and diamond (as diamonds are a girl's best friend :)

What are your fall colors, jewel tones and precious stones?


Maryam Maquillage


Maryam Maquillage © 2012.


  1. what a stunning necklace! i love rich jewel tones, sapphire and emerald in particular :)

  2. gorgeous! naked palette and jewel tones are just the best.

  3. Look at you Little Miss GORGEOUS!!!
    Stunning! Jewel tones look lovely on you!

  4. As always, you are stunning! I'm glad you posted this because I literally had just been thinking about ordering the Naked palette. It's really affordable for all it comes with and the versatility. I love the look you made. I see the cleavage madam! :)

  5. so little miss muffy, tinny,,,,cute...lolzzzz :)

  6. the necklace your wearing is gorgeous. really adds to the whole look!

  7. Hello, you are very very beautifulll <3

  8. love the necklace and you look wonderful!!!Where are you from?

  9. My fav eyeshadow palette <3 And you are soooo gorgeous <3

  10. I love the colors that you used! Very pretty =)
    -Little Petite Blog

  11. Great look! I'll have to give it a try, and I love your hair here :)

  12. prettttttttty

  13. I love your makeup! Great photos <3
    xoxo, Chantel

  14. Hot look~! I am officially loving fall right now, loving the plums and darker colors.
    The color of you topis fab! I really like the really saturated jewel toned teals and emeralds! Ahh, you tempt me to buy the Naked Palette!

  15. gorgeous! love the 'Naked' palette xoxo

  16. love the necklace, it looks so pretty with that teal shirt :)


  17. Happy belated birthday, love! You look hot in that high bun

  18. amazing makeup and amazing eyeliner! I'm jealous

  19. You are so gorgeous -

    love the eye makeup, always been a fan of liquid liner, very chic!


  20. Beautiful! I also love your shirt and how it compliments your skin tone. :D

  21. i loved the effect on you eyes, beautiful make-up!
    would you like us to follow each other?

    kisses *

  22. I really love your style style girl:) inspiring!kisses**mwuah!

  23. Stunning,suave,stylish & seductive. Simply love it. How did the B'day bash go? Hope you had a smashing time !

  24. I love jewel tones for fall! I'm going for lots of teal this year and dark fuschia colours! The colour of your shirt looks awesome with your makeup.

  25. I love your look! It's so wearble :) And I can't take my eyes off of that BEAUTIFUL necklace! it's just wow <3


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